Image: Marcos Cruz / Netflix

According to a report from Deadline, Resident Evil was canceled over a month after its debut. The series was not renewed due to lackluster ratings.

The video game franchise it is based on is the subject of a live-action series. The show, which was helmed by Supernatural's Andrew Dabb, tells the story of Albert Wesker and his two daughters in two timelines.

In our review of the series, my colleague Charles Pulliam-Moore notes that it keeps things feeling fresh up to a point, but it's dragged down by a "predictable plot that ultimately suffers from being such a late entry in the modern-day zombie craze." After Resident Evil made the top 10 list of the most- watched shows, it fell off the map. It didn't help that it was only a couple of months after the season four debut of Stranger Things.

In addition to the live-action adaptation, there is also an animated series on the streaming service. Mixed reviews of the series focused on the lore of the Resident Evil franchise. Even if the live-action Resident Evil wasn't as good as it could have been, the streamer has other video game adaptions on the docket. An animated adaptation of Tekken has just been released on the streaming service.