In the first half, the Reds scored five goals, including two in the first 10 minutes, and then six more in the second half, with six players on the score sheet.

We scored a lot of goals. We continued to score and the game was over. He said after the match that it was about keeping going.

We can't respect Bournemouth more than we already do. The opponent needs to be put under pressure.

The kids deserve it so much. Harvey is a great goal scorer. Everything was fine.

They picked up two points from their first three games.

The two teams will meet on Wednesday evening.

It's important to get it out of the way. "Tomorrow will be different, that's why I said it would be different."

We don't have that much of a mix of great weather and great football at the club.

We no longer have to answer the question about not winning. It was a great day for us. We're not going to get carried away.

Consistency is what we need to be successful in this league. We need to do that now. It used to be our strongest asset. We will watchNewcastle tomorrow to see what we can do against them.