Variant cover to Dark Ages #5 featuring Monica Rambeau.

Monica Rambeau is getting a bigger push in the comics after her appearance on WandaVision as played by Teyonah Paris. She is due to receive her own comic book series, as well as serving as a member of the new, reformed Thunderbolts. Monica Rambeau is a character from Ironheart and Michael Sta. It will be Maria's first time starring in a comic all on her own.

Monica was created in the year 1982. Monica had the title in her very first appearance, and she is the second Captain Marvel, though Carol Danvers has had the code name for a decade now. Monica will have to go alone in facing and that journey is said to take place across space and time. The feeling of taking Monica on this new journey was discussed in a press release. It is an honor to tell the story of Monica Rambeau. Monica has a long history in the universe, but she needs to have her own story told.

Monica has been a recurring player in the comic books and has gone through many code names. She has been an Avenger a number of times, most notably as the leader of theMighty Avenger in Al Ewing and Greg Land's run of the same name, and as a member of the Ultimates series. The closest thing to a solo story was a pair of one-shot titles from the late McDuffie and Bright. It was a privilege to follow McDuffie. I am excited to tell the story in a way that shows her amazing abilities as well as her everyday struggles.

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Monica Rambeau's movie will be released on December 7.

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