We feel you, Kid.

You know it when you gamble on sports. To maximize the money you can win, you need to find the perfect line, study the trends, and prepare. The final game is the easiest of the four games and you took the Bills money line. While the Bills had their worst outing of the season, Davis Mills went off for over 400 yards, five touchdown, and another on the ground. The Texans won 45-20 and improved to 2-9 on the season.

Is the game that you put money on going to work? This can't be correct. As soon as you placed that bet three days ago, Vegas knew you were going to beat the casinos. The referees were in the back pockets of the partners. It had to be that way. You can't explain what you just witnessed. The ref missed the holding call on that pivotal third-and-long in the second quarter. It was all downhill from there after that shift. There is a fix for it. The league is working with the sportsbooks. It's just a big scam.

That is a standard response after losing out on a large amount of money. We don't see this happening with the athletes themselves. Even though we have had athletes call out their league after retirement, they would never say it was rigged.

All those crazy theories come to the forefront of the athletes minds and sometimes they can't help but blur them out to explain what they've had to endure.

The umpire called a ball on a close pitch to the previous batter to give him more perspective. The game could have ended with a strike. Iowa's Mason McFate immediately told his coach his thoughts after the questionable call from the home plate umpire. Washington can come back if whoever is pitching this at ESPN is correct. His team was up 6-3 before the end of the game and he made a bold call.

The argument could be made that the umpire should have been more tolerant of borderline calls. It is difficult to throw the ball over the plate at that age. A few inches off the plate could still be seen in the strike zone. The next batter was hit on the first pitch. It can be seen in the video. The breaking ball was called a strike even though it was obvious that it was off the ground. The game was won by Iowa.

The child was very passionate about the game. It would be great to see him back up his teammates a little more, but we shouldn't expect that from a 12 year old. We have all been there, kid. Whether it be 49ers fans calling BS after some questionable officiating decisions in the 2013NFC Championship Game, or Saints fans claiming the 2018NFC Championship Game was rigged after that no-call on Nickell Robey-Coleman, there is always someone making up a story. Iowa was able to hold on for the victory. It usually ends in disappointment. He didn't have to worry about that.