Antonio Colak
Antonio Colak's goal was 'one of the most glorious tap-ins in Rangers' history'

Rangers' ability to punish the profligate is alive and well.

Antonio Colak did what a battalion of PSV men singularly failed to do in an increasingly slapstick fashion as a dramatic evening wore on.

The hosts were condemned to a purgatory entirely of their own making by Colak after he found the net.

Luuk de Jong could have changed the story if he hadn't missed the cross. Ibrahim Sangare could have done it, but he couldn't hit the ball.

Saibari had a chance to turn it in PSV's favor. The effort went straight at Jon McLaughlin. We're told that Gakpo should have put PSV ahead, but he missed the target.

It was done before the half-time break. Rangers were in need of that whistle.

There were five chances in a seven minute period. There's still time to hang on. Is it possible to survive for how long? Could it not continue even though it offered little down the other end? PSV would have believed that something would stick, even though he was frustrated.

Rangers couldn't get out, couldn't find much accuracy, couldn't offer much hope to their supporters who, in their own minds, must have been steeling themselves to say their goodbyes. I'm an old friend of theEuropa League. We're back!

Wow, then. Tom Lawrence hit the PSV bar with a powerful hit. PSV reacted like a prize fighter who had just been hit. It wasn't down, but confused.

Wow! Ramalho probably missed the danger presented by Tillman because he hadn't been mapped to that point. The most powerful telescopic lens was unable to pick out the loanee in the opening hour.

He ransacking Ramalho and squaring for Colak to score when he was able to. This was a big moment in the game. One of the greatest tap-ins in Rangers' history happened.

The player dumped Rangers out of the European competition as a result. This was a great example of a game-winner.

The big Croat was brought to Glasgow by Giovanni vanBronckhorst. He has five goals in his last six games and is a revelation. Europe has tested three of the five. He's ended up with two goals despite having to live off scraps.

There is a Rangers forward who could learn a lot from Colak. Another wise decision was leaving Morelos at home.

That's strong leadership. It was not coated with sugar. The reasons why the strikers wasn't on the trip were not camouflaged. He left Morelos behind in Glasgow and explained exactly why he did it. The manager had a great night.

Colak's goal made a big impact on PSV. You knew they wouldn't go on missing their chances, but they did. Philipp Max couldn't locate the target. McLaughlin didn't deny Gakpo. One wide.

Rangers were able to see it out. They haven't won an away game in Europe since the start of the season. They had lost four in a row and hadn't scored in three of them.

They took the party on the road.

They were able to get through because of a persistentness. We saw a lot from them last season, a character that has taken them to where they want to be in Europe.

PSV will allow them to complain about their finish. Rangers will leave them to their post-mortem, even though they will be sick by their wastefulness. They have a lot of exams to think about.

There is a draw on Thursday. There were two Scottish teams in there for the first time in a long time. It's exciting.

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