The launch of the game control was announced by Amazon. The first game to be compatible with Amazon's Game Control will be the sequel to Dead Island. The zombies can now be yelled at by game players.

Users can use the hands-free option of the game control. A new tool can be used by game developers for a more interactive experience.

It will only be available in North America and will not be available in other countries. We were not able to get a response from Amazon.

Free basic Amazon or Prime accounts are required for players to use the game control. Push-to-talk and Voice Activity are hands-free features that can be accessed by either holding down a button or key. You don't have to say "Alexa" to start a command.

The technology used to build the game control is similar to that used to build the voice artificial intelligence. The players will be able to control their smart home devices, set timers and check the weather.

Users don't need an echo device to use the game control on their PC or console. It is only compatible with PC and XBOX right now.

"Dead Island 2" will be released on February 3, 2023 on PC, XBOX, PS4 and Stadia.

Amazon has a skills kit for developers to use. They can design games with integrated voice for any device that has a screen, including the Amazon Echo Show, Fire TV, and other devices.

Amazon hopes that its technology will become more commonplace with the release of the game control.

Video games have been using voice recognition for a long time. The Nintendo game "Hey You, Pikachu!" had a limited number of pre-programmed voice commands. There was a microphone accessory in the game that you could use to talk to Pokémon.

The voice recognition feature on the XBOX was updated in 2011. The company gave users the ability to control the device with their voice.

Crypto gaming is growing, but can it reach people outside of the web3 world?

Four years ago, the gaming platform integrated with Amazon.

There are many video games that bring the human voice into play, either by recognizing any sound through a microphone or recognizing specific words or phrases that the player can say to control an element of the game.

The game "There Came an echo" uses a voice recognition system that allows players to use custom words. You can use your voice to cast spells in certain games.

There are a number of drawbacks to voice recognition, such as misinterpretation, lack of accuracy, inability to recognize accents, and background noise interference.