Rory praises Tiger's influence on the PGA (1:29)

It was great to have Tiger Woods in the room to discuss the future of the tour. There is a time and a place for it.

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The partnership between Tiger Woods and the PGA Tour will have players competing on six three-man teams in 15 regular-season matches and a playoff in January 2019.

Two-hour, 18-hole matches will be featured in the new league. On Monday nights, the matches will be held in a custom-made venue.

The venues will feature a simulation that players will hit longer shots into, as well as an authentic green area for chipping and putting.

Each of the six teams will play at least five times during the 15-week schedule.

TGL golfers will play in front of a live audience at arenas that will feature a simulator for longer shots and an authentic green area for chipping and putting. TGL

Woods was going to participate in the matches, according to McIlroy. While recovering from serious injuries he sustained in a car wreck, Woods played in only three tournaments this season.

We don't know where Tiger Woods will play golf next. The golfer said, "I said." We have no idea what his schedule is going to be. We have no idea how his body is going to be. I think it's a great idea to be able to see Tiger hit golf shots on TV without really any wear and tear on his body, and I think it's a great way to show people his genius.

Woods said the league was the next evolution of professional golf.

Woods said in the statement that embracing technology to create this unique environment gives them the ability to move their sport into prime time on a consistent basis. Blending golf with technology and team elements common in other sports is something I am excited about.

We all know what it's like to be in a football stadium or a basketball arena where you can see every play, every minute of action unfold right in front of you. It isn't possible in traditional golf, and an aspect of TGL that will appeal to a new generation of fans is what makes it different.

The company hopes to show the matches. Fans will be able to bet on the matches where it is legal.

They've been working on their plans for about two years after the former president of the Golf Channel approached them.

When someone comes to you with something to show you, I think it will be really cool, it will enhance the fan experience, and by the way, Tiger.

The new league will allow the players on the tour to interact with fans. There will be an opportunity for players to own stakes in the league.

It's a great chance for the players on the tour to show a different side of themselves. It's good for brand exposure to engage a different audience. The golf audience is trying to get younger eyeballs to watch it.