Kevin McCarthy might be going back to Mar-a-Lago to try to get forgiveness from Donald Trump.

McCarthy told Fox News that he had one rule of thumb. I don't trust people who keep murals in their office.

Donald Trump has a large portrait of himself at his Mar-a-Lago resort and he lined the walls of his New York office with magazine covers of his face. There is a statue of Trump in his office.

McCarthy was not talking about the president. He was trying to slam Dr. Fauci, who this week said he would retire from his positions as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical adviser to the president.

McCarthy: I really don’t trust anyone that keeps a mural of themselves in their office. I just think those types of individuals should have to come and answer the questions

— Acyn (@Acyn) August 23, 2022

Fauci has a picture of himself. The Fauci image was painted by Joan Baez in 2020 to honor him as a person who has made meaningful social change without the use of violence.

In June, Trump called McCarthy "very, very foolish" for keeping most Republicans off the committee. McCarthy ripped Trump as "atrocious and totally wrong" for his actions on the day in question.

If the GOP regains control of the House after the elections, Trump will not endorse McCarthy for speaker. He might never get an endorsement if he takes McCarthy's comments personally.

McCarthy was trolled on the social networking site.

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