On Tuesday, Apple released the seventh and most likely the final developer version of its mobile operating system. The company might allow you to uninstall the Apple wallet app in a future update, according to the code found in the newest version of the operating system.

According to the code spotted by 9to5Mac and Macrumors, the Wallet app will be deletable in the next version of the software. Users can hide the app from the home screen but can't remove it from their phone. The app is responsible for storing your credit and debit cards that work with Apple Pay. Apple Pay won't work if users uninstall the app.

The European Commission is accusing Apple of blocking the development of wallet and payment products that could compete with Apple Pay.

The company introduced "Tap to Pay" in February to allow third-party apps to use the phone as a payment terminal. Testing Apple Pay for third-party browsers began last month. There is no indication that Apple allows payment apps to use the phone's Near Field Communications stack.

The fall update of iPadOS 16.0 will be skipped and a new version of the operating system called iPadOS 16.1 will be released immediately.