Thank you Jeanette Nez.

You want to backpedal now that your election-time stunt in Miami has failed, but I heard you talk about immigrants on the radio.

You know that anti-immigration Americans like you and the governor didn't want your Cuban parents to settle in Miami in the 1960s.

The Cubans who came in the 70s, 80s and 90s did the same thing.

Our culture, language and skin tone were all rejected by Americans after a decade.

They didn't want us to plant mango trees in our yard. I'm aware. The story was written by me. Many Americans don't like mango no matter how much they try to win us votes.

You know what came to mind when you embraced and endorsed Gov. Ron DeSantis' silly pitch to Florida racists about busing immigrants to President Biden's home state of Delaware.

In 1969 my father was offered a lot of money to move to Oklahoma.

He said he wouldn't.

Despite the threats from Republicans, who he viewed through rose-colored glasses, to take away his medical coverage, he lived by the sentiment that we were only here to wait until he died.

This is the generation into which you were born in 1972 Miami, and that you are not wanted in their paradise if you align yourself with someone like that.

You said on Cuban radio that there was nothing to misunderstand, as has been claimed by the governor.

Nez said that DeSantis would send them to the state of the president. You can be certain that the final place where they want to go is Florida, because those numbers have come through the border from Cuba.

As the sun breaks through the clouds, it's clear.

History & heritage

We have a history and heritage.

When we were seen as interlopers, our arrival numbers were religiously registered and we seemed to them too many.

Cuban-American Republicans like you and Miami-Dade County GOP chairman René Garca are against the record number of border arrivals. Cuban Americans did the rejecting of people, some whom we cheered from the comfort and safety of our Miami during the July 11, 2021, protests in Cuba.

They should be martyrs, not exiles.

Is it possible that you are wrapped up in the supremacist bubble?

Those who did not stay to fight, now want to send them to Delaware. We were sent out of there by Castro the same way. The price to pay for protesting in Cuba is the 10, 15, or 20-year sentences the regime is handing down.

What is the difference between 1962 and 2022?

When your father died, you told an AP reporter that he left Havana in 1961.

The threat of house arrest has not deterred people from fleeing.

Don't say that you didn't mean to advocate for sending Cubans to Delaware but only other immigrants arriving by sea and the southern border.

Cuban exceptionalism is an immigration law that was passed by Lyndon B. Johnson. Like Haitians, other refugees are fleeing chaotic and dangerous situations.

The constant peddling of cheap, immigrant-bashing GOP talking points in the Capital of Exiles, a place of refuge built against the prevailing winds of American racism, is immoral.

If you weren't in a position to help, I wouldn't care what you said on the radio.

GOP party faithful and predictable, you and radio hosts. You have all lied and said things that don't suit right wing politics.

Lieutenant governor, this isn't the first time you've gone down.

Your feelings about immigrants are well known.

Jeanette Nez has forgotten the meaning of the accent and tilde in her name.

Jeanette Nez forgot the meaning of the accent in her name.

You pretended to be ignorant about the organization being labeled a hate group because of the backlash.

Your defense now is to shade the words that have already been said.

We believe you when you say who you are.

Apparently, not a Cuban American who is proud of their past.