The Verge’s Adi Robertson using the Quest 2.
Adi Robertson using the Quest 2.
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Users of the company's headsets will be able to log in with a Meta account instead of a Facebook account. The company had said in July that this change would be rolling out in August and it marks a shift from an unpopular policy that required users to log in to their headsets with a Facebook account.

The Meta mobile app can be used to create Meta accounts. You will need to set up a linked Meta Horizon social profile to use in virtual reality. One of these accounts will need to be used to use a headset.

"Our new Meta account structure gives you more flexibility and control, allowing you to choose how you do and don't show up." Instructions for setting up a Meta account can be found in a post and video.

As my colleague Adi Robertson pointed out in July, you will still have to give Meta a lot of personal information in order to make a Meta account, even though you won't have to use a Facebook account. New Meta accounts don't solve the problem of giving personal info to Meta just to use your headset

You will be able to use the account until January 1st, 2023. You need to open a Meta account after that date. If you don't already have a Meta account, you should be able to get one soon.