Lucy Bronze and Jill Scott
Lucy Bronze (left) and Jill Scott (right) celebrated with fans after winning Euro 2022 this summer

Lucy Bronze was asked what made England's team special as she celebrated in Trafalgar Square. She gave back the microphone.

The 35-year-old has worked with many people in the game.

One of the greatest achievements of Nick Cushing was earning the respect of the players.

He said that he could call people likeJill Scott.

The ability to play football was obvious. It has led her to 10 major tournaments, to become England's second most capped footballer with 161 appearances, to become a European champion, two-time Olympian and to be awarded an MBE.

When Scott picked up her 150th England cap, Prince William reached out to her, reminding her of the time she took him out with a slide-tackle.

Jill Scott playing in the 2007 World Cup match between England and Germany
Jill Scott made her first appearance at a major tournament at the 2007 World Cup in China

She has been a key figure for England for more than a decade, making her debut in 2006 as well as being an important player at all the domestic clubs she has represented.

The most enjoyable years of Christiansen's career were when he played with Scott in the middle.

"Jill has played a crucial part in so many of the team's successes over the years alongside making such a difference to the game as a whole," said the manager when announcing her departure.

Her dedication and commitment to this club both on and off the pitch is testament to her character and she leaves Manchester City with legend status.

Scott's personality has warmed the hearts of many people who have followed and been a part of her career.

She has a unique ability to make people laugh in any scenario, and a playful, child-like character which she has joked in the past has driven team-mates crazy.

Jill Scott
Jill Scott pretended to interview the Euro 2022 trophy while on stage in Trafalgar Square during celebrations the morning after their victory over Germany

Scott said he was 34 and still felt like a 19-year-old.

She used to pull prank on her team-mates when she wasn't at 'Boxx2Boxx'.

Scott's prank of changing the left and right labels on a football player's boots at her first World Cup set the standard for others to follow.

Scott joked that she sat next to the England goalkeeper on planes for support because she was afraid of flying.

Scott was always willing to work hard, but she didn't like spending time in the gym because she didn't appreciate how important it was. She once said that she couldn't kick the dumbbell because she couldn't see the link.

"All the players that have gone before - this is for them and everyone," she said as she prepared for the final.

I hope they know they have their hands on the trophy if we win it on Sunday.

Scott was able to form bonds with England's young players despite her age, because she wanted to bring everyone with her.

Jill Scott and Lauren Hemp
Jill Scott had a strong friendship with young Manchester City winger Lauren Hemp

"Jill will bring so much to this group, not only on the pitch, but a huge impact off it too".

She would often tease the likes of Toone and Russo for their obsession with fashion and overusing their phones, and this summer she would go for walks with her daughter.

She said the music sounded the same and would take on Bright in a rap battle.

Scott was a person who was positive and wanted everyone to know how much she enjoyed it.

She was always modest. Scott picked up her award at a post office.

Scott's impact on the game will last for a long time, but what she does next is not known.

All good things come to an end, as she said when she left City.

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