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The most beautiful play in Major League Baseball is a result of form following function. When a man launches himself toward stationary objects, his hands and shoulders are exposed to all the obstacles that exist. He couldn't abide the risk because he watched teammates and opponents get hurt. It had to be a safer way.

Turner had studied other base runners, a small group of men who take base running very seriously. He was enamored with the man who would slide at the last moment. Turner thought there was a way to marry his innate ability with a touch of Gore's moxie in a feet first approach. Turner toyed and tinkered until he found a way to use his speed and power in a way that was more beneficial to the team.

The world didn't pay much attention until August 10, 2021. It was 11 days after the blockbuster deal that sent Turner and Max to the Dodgers. Turner stood on top of the hill. Will Smith hit the ball in right field. The throw home was a strong one, as evidenced by the clear fielding of the ball by BryceHarper. The function was overshadowed by form.

Smooth like butter, pull you in like no other. pic.twitter.com/GlxknGumhQ

— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) August 11, 2021

Turner jumped about a foot from home plate. His right leg was stuck out and his left leg was tucked under his right. Turner's gloved left hand was the only thing that kept him from crossing home plate. Turner embraced the ride, popping up after a 180 degree spin and walking towards the dugout in one continuous motion. Even though the slide was predating it, the aura of the slide was born that day.

Turner said in an interview that he wasn't trying to be cool. I'm trying to slide smoothly. I keep going.

That is correct. Turner doesn't stop after the after burners. He didn't want to take for granted the position of his body. Even if he's not necessarily trying to be cool or anything, the Trea Turner Slide quickly became a thing.

They're seen as poor imitations of a patented maneuver if they try to duplicate it. It has become over the last year. The slide has stolen hearts in a sport with beautiful swings. It shouldn't be much of a surprise.

On December, there will be a meeting. Gene Kelly appeared on the NBC show "Omnibus" to explain to viewers how dance and sports were not the same as people thought. Johnny Unitas was asked to throw a football and Bob Cousy was asked to play defense. Kelly left the choice of who to play to Mickey Mantle.

Kelly said to give the most exciting thing to you. How would it be? Trying to steal second base or taking an extra base is the most exciting thing for me in baseball.

The slides of the 1950s were much better than the ones we use today. runners went in spikes It was mandated to break up double plays. Sometimes there was a slide and sometimes there was a message. Both injuries went in different directions.

Turner and his peers created a lot of creativity in the game. The swim move, in which a pitcher offers an arm for a fielder to tag, is a popular one. Chris Coghlan once touched home plate on his front flip. Players rely on their skills more because of the inability to take out a second baseman. Those around Turner heaped praise on him.

The author of "Plié Ball" said that the movement brought back the idea of letting yourself go and not caring. You can feel a thought process behind the slide you see. It's almost a performance if someone is doing it to get him where he needs to be. People are watching it. You're giving fans something to look forward to. It's a natural way of handling things.

Anyone who has tried to save a fall with a slick recovery can relate to the aesthetic of a trea Turner slide. All of us. Turner's falls may be intentional and controlled, but it doesn't diminish the magnificence of the finish, like a gymnast sticking the landing or a stunt driver gliding into a narrow parking spot

" Music in motion is kind of a trite saying, but it's just the ultimate grace and body control with the power of creating speed," Roberts said. It takes a lot of strength and speed to slide and stand up. People don't appreciate how hard it is to do, but it speaks to what an athlete is.

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"It's the distance he covers and then how he just drops his hand in and puts it perfect on the plate and then just pops up like nothing ever happened," Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman said. It's wonderful to watch. It is gorgeous.

Turner wouldn't ever get to participate in a dance show, even if it was beautiful. When a player hits a home run in the World Series, he needs to dance.

Turner described it as his worst nightmare.

Turner isn't good at dancing. He tried to do a simplegroove in the dugout, but it was Elaine-ish for everyone's tastes. He tried the "Apache" dance again. Hip thrusts were messy. His 180 on the slide wasn't as natural as the one in the dance.

Every year, I work out at the same place. Turner said that he works on forms. I get really uncoordinated when the guy I work with tells me how to do something. If you want me to catch this ball, I have a simple goal and my body moves a bit better. I don't like dancing.

Everything on the baseball field is good.

In the past, when he had time, he liked to build things. He was a severely underrecruited baseball talent and someone who took his academics seriously enough that he wanted to major in chemical engineering at NC State. The left-brain wanted to make something. Turner watched a video and put it together. He put together a few more after that.

Turner's game has come a long way because of that structured approach. He is a good player. Turner is in a three-way tie for the lead. Turner will be the first player in baseball history to lead the league in hits for three straight seasons if he passes him. Ichiro Suzuki won five titles in a row, but he was tied with Pedroia for the third one.

Turner's combination of power and base running makes him the best in the business. As he approaches 30 years of age, his speed is still the best in the game.

I'm not old. Turner said he's fresh. I am getting older than the younger players. I'm trying to stay up to date with the younger generation.

Turner will hit free agency for the first time this winter and face a lot of competition. According to Baseball-Reference, his most similar batter is his former Dodgers teammate,Corey Seager. Turner is past his prime. He doesn't have the same strength. Turner's safe-slide strategy is doing its part because the weaknesses in his game are limited and he wants to stay healthy and play every game.

Physicists and number crunchers are the best people to ask the questions. Turner ranks first in the majors this year in 30-plus foot-per-second runs with 100 more than the next best, Bobby Witt Jr., and second in sprint speed, at 30.3 seconds. The real mystery is provided by the difficult- to-measure elements. Turner slides as if there isn't anyfriction for him. Turner glides like the rules of the universe don't apply, or as if he controls his weight so exquisitely that he renders mortals a nonfactor. Is the length of the slides the reason Turner is so beautiful? Is he sliding longer than his teammates?

Trea broke out the smooth slide on a catch! 😱 pic.twitter.com/2R29LY3Mr4

— MLB (@MLB) July 22, 2022

Turner does not care about the answers. His right-brain takes over when he's on the field. Baseball is fun. He busted out the famous slide a few weeks ago to chase down a pop-up that looked out of reach. The slide was smooth because he caught the ball and glided it.

Turner wants to be good at everything. I would like to be a good defender. I want to hit the ball well. I want to run fast. I'm trying to get better at all of those things.