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Sam Acho is pleased with Daniel Jones' performance and says he sees progress in Jones' game after the quarterback led the Giants to a 25-22 victory over the Cincinnati. It was :51.

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The regular season of the National Football League is about to start. The last preseason games will be played this weekend as training camps end.

If you want to be ready for the start of the football season in 2022, you need to see our preseason power rankings. There are two shuffles in the top 10 and one in the bottom 10.

The Buffalo Bills are still at the top, but there is a new team. Our voters showed an increase in confidence in the Detroit Lions as a result of our voters showing an increase in confidence in the Carolina Panther's.

Each organization has a coach, general manager or player who is on the hot seat as the season begins. Some players need to prove they are worth re-signing, such as New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, and some coaches need to prove they can win in the end.

Let's get started with our top ranked team.

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1. Buffalo Bills

Post-draft ranking: 1

The offensive coordinator is on the hotseat.

Josh Allen isn't going anywhere, and for the first time in his career, he'll be working with his former quarterbacks coach, Dorsey. New York Giants coach Brian Daboll set a high bar in his relationship with Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. With expectations so high for the Bills this year, the pressure will be on the first-time coordinators if Buffalo's offense has a bad day.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Post-draft ranking: 3

The quarterback is on the hot seat.

The expectation was that Trask wouldn't challenge Gabbert for the backup role this year, but it hasn't been close. Tom Brady is under contract for only one more season, so it's disappointing that that's what happened. Less than two weeks into camp, Trask had already reached double-digit picks, one of which was so poorly thrown that Jamel Dean picked it off. It isn't going to get him kicked out, but it doesn't inspire confidence for the future.

3. Los Angeles Rams

Post-draft ranking: 2

The person is on the hot seat.

Six months after your team won the Super Bowl, it's hard to keep your job. If there is a candidate, it could be Rapp, who is in the last year of his contract. The Rams don't usually re-sign safeties to big contracts, instead looking for younger players to take over. When Rapp hits free agency, the team may choose to move on from him.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

Post-draft ranking: 4

The person on the hot seat is a running back.

The 2020 first-round draft pick has not had an impact. The Chiefs will have to make a decision on his fifth-year option at the end of the season. If Edwards-Helaire doesn't have a big season, the option may be declined.

5. Cincinnati Bengals

Post-draft ranking: 6

The CB is on the hot seat.

It feels weird to stick Apple on the hot seat because he just got a new contract from a franchise that is very confident in his ability to be a quality starter. Both Apple and Taylor-Britt were taken in the second round of the draft. It's up to Apple to prove to the other teams that he's worth a long-term investment after this year.

6. Green Bay Packers

Post-draft ranking: 5

The man is on the hot seat.

The Packers need the left tackle to return to his All- Pro form. They need him to come back. He has only played 474 snaps since signing his extension. He played 27 snaps last year. If he is on the roster in March of next year, he will get a $9.5 million bonus as part of his salary and bonuses for the next five years. If he can't perform at a high level, the days of him being their franchise left tackle could be numbered.

7. San Francisco 49ers

Post-draft ranking: 9

The OT is on the hot seat.

There isn't a lot of Niners facing a hot seat going into this season, but McGlinchey is. The No. 9 overall pick in this year's draft is playing on a fifth-year option and coming back from a season-ending quadriceps injury. McGlinchey is a good fit for the Niners' scheme. He needs to prove he can stay healthy and produce in order to get a second contract.

8. Los Angeles Chargers

Post-draft ranking: 7

The person is on the hot seat.

The fifth-year option on the pick's contract was declined by the Bolts because he hasn't established himself as an impact player. The Chargers signed Sebastian Joseph-Day, Austin Johnson and Morgan Fox during the off-season in order to improve their defense. How hot is Tillery's seat this year? Brandon Staley will only play those who have game experience in their role or who are in a position competition during the preseason. Tillery was a starter.

9. Baltimore Ravens

Post-draft ranking: 10

LB Patrick Queen is in the middle of a controversy.

The Ravens will have to make a decision on Queen's fifth-year option next year. He is not the middle linebacker that was supposed to be. Queen was moved to weakside linebacker because of his poor coverage and inability to get off blocks. The game has slowed down for Mike, who was Queen's position coach in 2020. Queen broke out at LSU after his third season. After being Baltimore's first-round pick in 2020, the Ravens hope Queen can do the same.

10. Dallas Cowboys

Post-draft ranking: 8

The coach is on the hot seat.

Since last season ended, nothing has changed, despite Jerry Jones' continued support. McCarthy will be the most watched head coach this year because of the way Sean Payton shadowed him and the way Jones took care of DanQuinn. It's as if the Cowboys didn't win a lot of games last year because of the loss to the 49ers in the playoffs. McCarthy has not allowed the discussion of his job to affect how he coaches. He has remained the same with his players, according to them.

Mike McCarthy, Ryan Tannehill and Devin Bush ESPN

11. Tennessee Titans

Post-draft ranking: 11

The quarterback is on the hot seat.

Tannehill threw more combined picks in the last two seasons than he did in the last one. The pressure is on Tannehill because of his performance in the playoffs last year. The quarterback needs a bounce-back season if he wants to stay with the team. If theTitans released Tannehill, he would account for only $18.6 million in dead cap space, which is less than the salary cap hit he has. The quarterback of the future was added to the team by Jon Robinson when he was a third-round pick.

12. Denver Broncos

Post-draft ranking: 12

The quarterback is on the hot seat.

The man who faces the most heat this season is the one who has the most experience handling it. Wilson can take the Broncos like Manning did. The Broncos acquired Wilson in a franchise changing trade. Manning opened his first season with the team in 2012 with a 2-2 record, which caused some fans to complain. The Broncos did not lose a game for the rest of the season. Wilson needs to get used to carrying them in a place where more than one quarterback has buckled under them.

13. Las Vegas Raiders

Post-draft ranking: 13

The man is on the hot seat.

The caveat is that Ferrell has to make the team in order for this to happen. The defensive end has not practiced since early in camp due to an injury. He was working on a side field with a trainer this week, but as evidenced by the Raiders' new regime not picking up his fifth-year option, his future in in danger, not only as a third pass-rusher alongside Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones but also as a member of

14. Indianapolis Colts

Post-draft ranking: 14

The coach is on the hot seat.

Reich does not appear to be in danger of losing his job. The stakes are high. Jim Irsay is growing impatient as the Colts have just one playoff victory in the last four years. Reich was in charge of last season's failed experiment with the quarterback. Reich will be on thin ice if the Colts don't win a game again.

15. Philadelphia Eagles

Post-draft ranking: 16

The quarterback is on the hotseat.

The quarterback seat in Philadelphia is not very popular. In his first year as a starter, Hurts led the Eagles to a playoff appearance and has shown signs of improvement this summer. The long-term direction of the franchise will soon be decided by the Eagles. After the season, Hurts is able to extend his contract. The Philadelphia Eagles have two first-round picks in next year's draft. Management's decision on how to proceed will be influenced by Hurts' performance.

16. New England Patriots

Post-draft ranking: 15

MattPatricia is the senior football adviser and OL coach.

It's not clear if he'll be calling the offensive plays or if he'll be one of the top coaches on that side of the ball. Those who are close to the situation insist that no decision has been made on who will call the plays. It won't stop people from pointing fingers if the offense doesn't perform well.

K.C. has an offense.

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17. Cleveland Browns

Post-draft ranking: 17

The coach is on the hot seat.

Since Jimmy Haslam bought the team, no head coach has lasted three full seasons. Last year's losing season was a huge disappointment for the man who won the coach of the year award in 2020. Despite enormous turmoil at quarterback, the pressure is on to get Cleveland back in the playoffs. He has never shown patience as an owner. Under the circumstances, the heat could be on the person.

18. Arizona Cardinals

Post-draft ranking: 19

The coach is on the hot seat.

He has led the Cards to three straight years of improvement, and this year he signed an extension. He led them to the playoffs for the first time in three years, but the late-season collapses have put him on the hot seat. If it happens for the third year in a row and affects the Cards' seeding or playoff lives, Kliff will be under a lot of scrutiny. Arizona was a wild card last season and should have been a top- two seed. That can't happen again.

19. Miami Dolphins

Post-draft ranking: 18

Someone is on the hot seat.

It is almost certain that the Dolphins will decline the fifth-year option. His fourth year with the team is in question at the moment. In Miami's first preseason game, Igbinoghene was the nearest defender on the passing touchdown, despite the fact that he had struggled in coverage throughout the camp. If he doesn't find a role, the 2020 first-round draft pick will be a cut candidate.

20. New Orleans Saints

Post-draft ranking: 20

The person on the hot seat is the quarterback.

The short-term nature of Jameis Winston's contract shows that the Saints weren't all-in when they tried to trade for him. The Saints didn't go after a quarterback in the draft, but Jameis has a lot to prove after starting only seven games last season. Even though Andy Dalton has played well in the preseason, a healthy and productive year is needed for him to keep his job.

21. Washington Commanders

Post-draft ranking: 22

The quarterback is on the hot seat.

Over the past four years, the team has started 10 different quarterbacks. If he can prove he can still be a franchise quarterback, he could be in place for a long time. Troy Aikman said this is the last chance to prove to the world that he can be a franchise quarterback. After being traded in each of the past two summers, he needs to show it on the field. If he doesn't perform well, he's going to be in a hot seat.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers

Post-draft ranking: 21

The person on the hot seat is ILB.

This is a make-or-break season for Bush, as the Steelers declined his fifth-year option. He was a top 10 pick and played well in his first year before he tore his anterior cruciate ligament. Bush came back from the injury but didn't seem to trust his knee and his hesitation made him a liability on the field. Bush is getting the tools to reach his potential, but he needs to make the plays to solidify his starting job and his future in the NFL.


Marcus Spears is a big fan of the 49ers and thinks they'll win the Superbowl.

23. Minnesota Vikings

Post-draft ranking: 23

The person is on the hot seat.

Bradbury started at center immediately after the Vikings drafted him. The fifth year option on his contract was not picked up by the new general manager. Bradbury will have one last chance to convince the team he can be its long-term answer after his contract expires.

24. Seattle Seahawks

Post-draft ranking: 27

The quarterback is on the hot seat.

It's not unusual for a coach to survive back-to-back bad seasons if the team falls apart in the future. Another season with double-digit losses would probably mean that Lock didn't play well or didn't even win the starting job. If Lock doesn't show that he's worthy of a longer look, the team could move on without having to worry about his contract.

25. Chicago Bears

Post-draft ranking: 24

Who is on the hot seat?

It makes sense that Jackson would have the most to prove on the Bears' defense. If he has another interception-free season, his time in Chicago could be shortening. Jackson's passer rating will have to be lowered considerably this season because he'll have to focus on playing free safety in order to be more effective. Chicago's front office has made no bones about the fact that it's changing the roster and bringing in young players to help build it. If Jackson doesn't prove his worth to this defense and the new coaching staff, the Bears could look to move him via a trade or designate him a post-June 1 cut.

26. Detroit Lions

Post-draft ranking: 30

The person on the hot seat is the quarterback.

The front office of the Detroit Lions has faith in Goff and doesn't want to draft a quarterback with either of its two first-round picks. He needs to show up to get a long-term deal with the Lions. He is in the last year of his guaranteed money, and Detroit has stronger targets around him, including wide receiver DJ Chark and Amon-Ra St. Brown.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars

Post-draft ranking: 26

The person is on the hot seat.

In his three seasons, the second-round pick hasn't missed a snap but hasn't flourished and is facing competition from the second-round pick. The last year of Taylor's contract is this one, so he could get an extension if he wins the job. He has alternated first-team reps with Walker since his return from a hamstring injury.

More than 50 people were asked to rank every position's top 10.

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Offense: QB | RB | WR | TE | OT | G/C

28. New York Giants

Post-draft ranking: 25

The quarterback is on the hot seat.

This year is the last chance for Saquon to convince anyone that he is worth a second contract. Jones had a fifth-year option on his contract, but it was not exercised. This is the last chance for him to prove to the Giants that he is their franchise quarterback now that he is working in a new offense.

29. Carolina Panthers

Post-draft ranking: 32

The coach is on the hot seat.

The answer could have been both quarterbacks, whose futures are tied to the outcome of the season. The winner of the quarterback competition will affect Rhule's future. Rhule's first two teams have struggled without a consistent quarterback. Rhule has the most to lose since he signed a seven-year, $62 million contract in 2020. He could be the last coach to fail to make the transition from college to the NFL if the team fails this year.

30. New York Jets

Post-draft ranking: 29

The person on the hot seat is the receiver.

Since taking Mims in the second round of the 2020 draft, the Jets have signedCorey Davis to a big contract and used two premium draft picks on receiver. Do you want to get the picture? The previous coaching staff drafted Mims. The fifth or sixth receiver is better than him. Mims might be playing somewhere else this season. The Jets could get a late-round pick back in a trade.

31. Houston Texans

Post-draft ranking: 28

The quarterback is on the hot seat.

The life of a quarterback when you're not drafted in the first round is when Mills was placed on the hot seat. Mills had an impressive debut, with 16 touchdown in 11 starts, but he needs to build on it. He has to prove to everyone that he is the Texans' long-term answer because they have two first round picks in the future. The Texans will replace him if he doesn't do well.

32. Atlanta Falcons

Post-draft ranking: 31

The person on the hot seat is a man.

There aren't many Falcons players or coaches on the hot seat at the moment. Davidson missed the preseason opener due to injury and has struggled to stay fit throughout his career. If he can't stay on the field, what role he would have for Atlanta in the future is questionable.