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The Green Bay Packers quarterback has noticed a change. He said he's been encouraged by their progress since he called them out.

The rookies dropped two passes in the game against the Saints. There have been big plays by the fourth-round pick who caught a touchdown pass for the second straight preseason game, along with improvement from the seventh-round pick and a fast start from the second-round pick.

Rodgers thinks the offense has been clicking closer to where he thinks it should be.

The rookies have not played in either of the first two preseason games, but coach Matt LaFleur said he will consider playing Rodgers in Thursday's preseason finale.

Before training camp, the new receivers practiced with Rodgers. Both of them were in the mandatory mini camp. He didn't think that they would be further along if Rodgers had participated in theOTAs.

Rodgers said that it wouldn't have made a difference if he'd participated in the workouts. The experience of training camp is lengthy. They expect them to do a lot of things in the regular season, so they have plenty of time to talk. I rely on the coaching staff to give me information as we learn the offense, and then I'm kind of a 202 professor. When I arrive, we have the offense outside of the paper offense.

There are a few guys who have made a jump mentally as we get into the second and third week of camp. I feel like Sammy has been playing faster and making better decisions. You have to have realistic expectations for all of our guys.

At the time of Rodgers' comments last week, he had yet to practice with his new teammate.

Rodgers said that the course has been well received.

He went out and did it perfect after I told him what to do in the huddle. It's those small things that get you excited about things.

I don't think the standard for him is going to be as high as it has been in the past, because he's going to be expected to. We need to hold him to a standard that he can reach. He's a great kid and he's made some plays that you can't really coach.

Adams was traded to the Raiders. There are questions on the offensive line, where their top two players are still recovering from injuries.