The end of summer means the beginning of flu season. Here's when to get your flu shot. (Photo: VioletaStoimenova via Getty Images)
The end of summer means the beginning of flu season. Here's when to get your flu shot. (Photo: VioletaStoimenova via Getty Images)

The flu season begins when the summer ends. The best time to get a flu shot is during the flu season. The photo was taken by VioletaStoimeNOVA.

Everyone 6 months and older should get a flu shot according to the CDC.

Many people don't like that the flu is mild. Every year, the flu kills tens of thousands of people, according to the CDC.

The vaccine expert shared when to get your flu shot and why it's important.

Does everyone need to get a flu shot?

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's the importance of vaccinations. It is important that we protect ourselves against both the flu and COVID-19.

Cases of the flu went down when people wore masks, according to a vaccine expert. The mandates are no longer in effect in most public spaces.

It's difficult to manage joint infections for people who aren't at high risk. You don't want to get the flu and COVID-19 at the same time.

Your flu shot protects more people than you think.

The flu shot protects you but it also protects those around you. It doesn't mean that people around you will have the same luck if you get the flu.

"People have gotten used to saying it's just the flu", but "influenza is a killer" and "tend to kill the young and the elderly"

It is easy to say, "oh, I've never gotten the flu vaccine and I'm fine", but it is important to remember that you are reducing the risk that the flu will affect someone who isn't healthy.

He said that there were some great studies that showed the effect of the vaccine on the elderly. Don't get it for yourself, get it for your grandma or grandpa.

It's important to get a flu shot whether you're at risk for severe infection or not. (Photo: Fly View Productions via Getty Images)

It's important to get a flu shot, even if you're not at risk for serious infections.

The best time to get the shot is as soon as it’s available ― most likely within the next month or so.

The flu vaccine should be available in the community. It happens in September.

The flu increases in October and November and then peaks in February. You need to get a shot as early as September so you have time to build up immunity.

But, even if you don’t get your flu shot right away, it’s still important to get your shot eventually.

If you don't get it in September, you should aim for October. It's a good time to get your flu shot, even if you don't get it at all.

If you have the chance to get it in December, you will be adding to your community's flu protection and looking out for yourself.

You can get the flu shot at the same time you get your next COVID booster, but if the flu shot is available first, don’t wait to get it.

The new booster is expected to be available in the fall. Most people will be able to get it in September.

People should get the flu shot whenever it is available, even though you can get your flu shot when you get a COVID booster. He thinks the flu shot will be available before the booster.

One caveat, though: If you are a person who is uneasy about needles or shots, it may be a good idea to just have one appointment for both. It's possible to get the shots together one at a time.

If you talk to your doctor about getting a flu shot, you'll have a plan in place.

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