Moment, known for its range of accessories for Apple's devices, today announced a new partnership with Sara Dietschy, which will see the launch of several new stands. The products were created by Dietschy and he was trying to develop the best desk accessories.

The stands are designed with a premium build and can be adjusted. A magnetic connection is used to attach the stand to the iPad.

It has a triple pivot design that can be adjusted between 5 degrees and 90 degrees. The iPad can pivot between landscape and portrait orientations with the help of four hinges. The iPad stand is compatible with the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and the 11-inch iPad Pro.

There's a phone stand with dual wireless charging. The name suggests that it uses magnets, but it is not MagSafe, so the charging speeds are limited to 7.5 watt for the iPhone. 5 watt speeds are offered for the charging base.

The iPhone can be positioned in either portrait or landscape orientation, and it has a charging plug. It's possible to adjust the viewing angle from 5 degrees to 45 degrees with the use of strong magnets. It's compatible with MagSafe phones.

LAB22 has designed a similar stand for the headphones. The headphones stand is made from aluminum and has a plush microfiber pad that can be used for a cushion.

The stands can be pre-ordered from the website. The iPad stand is $119, the iPhone stand is $89, and the headphones stand is $59. January 23, 2023 is when shipping will start.