Image: Microsoft

In the last few months, Microsoft has begun to put more ads in Outlook for mobile.

There are two ways to organize your inbox with the Outlook mobile app, a single inbox with everything in it or a tabbed inbox split into two categories. Microsoft used to only put ads in the other tab for free users, but now it has added them to the single-inbox mode.

An ad inside Outlook mobile on iOS.
Image: James Vincent / The Verge

Over the last few months, Microsoft has made it harder for free users to avoid ads in Outlook mobile. There are ads at either the top of your regular inbox or at the top of your Other tab. If you want to avoid ads in Outlook mobile, you have to pay for a Microsoft account.

The change was confirmed by microsoft If you want to see ads only in the other inbox, you can enable theFocused inbox feature in Outlook.

The ads appear at the top of an inbox and look similar to real emails, similar to how both Microsoft and GOOGLE display ads inside the web versions of Outlook and Gmail. When you open one, it will display advertising content within an in-app browser.

Outlook mobile users have left many one-star reviews for the app on the App Store. The only way to avoid ads in Outlook mobile is to subscribe to Microsoft's service.