New guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention brought the country's COVID epidemic in for a soft landing.

If Americans have been in close contact with someone who has the virus, it is no longer recommended to social-distance.

Even though research shows that many with COVID are still infectious, the agency advises that those without symptoms can end their isolation after 5 days.

The rules don't tell the whole story. Some parts of the U.S. were recently at or around high levels of carbon dioxide.

All-time highs are being talked about.

The only reason we know is because some communities look for the Viruses in Wastewater. The best indicator of disease in this country is the filthy water in the sewer system.

The acute phase of the COVID epidemic is over according to some experts. A milder variant next month doesn't mean a more virulent one couldn't emerge, says others.

Sometimes we're guilty of creating our own, the way we might mentally craft a satisfying end to a movie.

According to a professor at Boston University, Americans are searching for the other bookmark. She said that a typical TV series lasts three to five seasons.

If you watch the show every week, it will take about two and a half years for you to get used to it.

It runs the course of a series.

History doesn’t repeat, often rhymes

When a health crisis wouldn't go away, we bury our head in the sand. Bruce Y. Lee is a professor at the City University of New York School of Public Health.

John Weeks of Massachusetts called on Congress to set aside a million dollars to fight the Spanish Flu.

Both chambers approved the measure.

The surgeon general hoped that the vote would serve as an important precedent for the future and the importance of protecting the health of Americans at all times. The strain of flu that lingered today, with genetic remnants in the viral makeup of current circulating strains, was not appropriated by Congress.

The call for a national health program fell on its face as Americans sought to return to normal.

It sounds familiar?

For the next 30 years, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wouldn't exist. It began with a mission of preventing Malaria from becoming endemic in the U.S., but has since lost its way, focusing on rare diseases and operating in silos while failing to keep a pulse on broad public health crises.

The Pandemic Action Network calls thepanic-neglect cycle the pattern we're seeing in our reactions to public health crises.

He said that everyone knows people who have bad relationships. They think that this is not what they want. They don't change what they're doing after it's over They continue to repeat.

It goes with the swine flu, which has been around for almost three years.

The importance of face-masking is one of the lessons we have learned in the Pandemic. He said that face-masking isn't meant to be used by a single person to protect themselves in a sea of blissfulIgnorance.

Simultaneous cycles

The panic-neglect cycle has begun twice.

As the supply of safe smallpox vaccine runs short, health officials approve the splitting of each dose into five to make up the difference. There is a large amount of an older smallpox vaccine in the Strategic National Stockpile, but it is not used often because it contains a live virus.

There was a push for more funding for terrorism prevention after 9/11. Interest waned as time went on. The monkeypox outbreak could have been stopped earlier this year if the U.S. had kept its eyes open.

Even if you don't have the same threat, preparing for one scenario can help in the future. The ball was missed on that one.

According to Lee, it's the same thing. The Americas were declared free of the potentially paralyzing virus in 1979. The importance of the vaccine waned as the evils of the disease faded into books.

One person in New York has been paralyzed by the disease. Hundreds of additional cases that don't present with symptoms or look like the flu are included in the total.

Lee said that the problem has been dealt with. The handling of the problem needs to be maintained. How did we get rid of the disease? We were able to get our vaccine levels up high. Those levels need to be maintained.

A soft landing for now?

Americans breathe heavy sighs of relief into the oxygen bags suspended from the ceiling as the plane rests on the tarmac. It has been happening for months and years now.

The White House believes there will be a surge of infections this fall. The Biden administration warned this spring that America won't have the funding it needs to be first in line for updated vaccines if Congress doesn't give it more money.

Lee wondered what would happen if the prediction came true. After hospitals potentially fill and deaths rise, when the CDC reverses course and asks Americans to mask up?

People are going to use face masks. He wanted to know if there were vaccine requirements. The stage has already been set for people not to pay attention.