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Heins, a lawyer from Washington state, booked a flight to Vermont in January to attend his brother's wedding.

He bought tickets for himself and his family on the fastest flight he could find.

He received an email from the airline asking him to prepare for his trip to Canada.

He told Insider that he didn't know that his destination had been changed from Burlington, Vermont, to Montreal, Canada.

Heins traveled to Seattle airport to rebook his flights in person after he couldn't get through to the airline.

He was able to get an alternative flight to Burlington with a stop in Philadelphia. Alaska Airlines operated the flight.

His travel headaches went on and on.

His connecting American Airlines flight to Burlington was canceled when he arrived in Philadelphia. The airline told him that the cancellation happened because a flight attendant didn't show up.

Heins went to American Airlines' customer support counter after leaving the airport with his children.

He said staff told him there were no hotel rooms left and they couldn't provide a rental car and that assistance was given on a first-come, first-served basis.

After four hours in the airport, Heins decided to get his family's bags, rent a car, and drive to his destination.

A representative of the airline apologized for the canceled flight and incorrect re-booking, according to correspondence seen by Insider.

Heins was offered a refund for the segment that he didn't fly, but not for the Seattle to Philadelphia segment. Email correspondence shows that it offered to reimburse him for the rental car.

The airline offered vouchers of $300 for passengers.

Heins said that he had never seen anything like this before.

American Airlines apologized for the hassle caused by the cancellation of Mr. Heins' connecting flight. We have been in touch with him.