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Would anyone back the founders again if a company collapsed and inspired a mini-series? It doesn't seem to have deterred a16z, who just put its biggest check ever into WeWork founder Adam Neumann.

The founder of Black Girls Code is no longer with the organization eight months after being suspended. Bryant has filed a lawsuit after he was terminated.

The internet of things core is a service that helps device makers build internet- connected gadgets. The device makers will be given a year to come up with another solution after this week's announcement.

It's time to update your Apple devices. Two security issues that attackers seem to already be exploiting were patched this week. There are bugs in the WebKit engine that can lead to an attacker having full access to your device.

A lot of titles are getting the boot as a result of the merging of the two companies. I was going to tell everyone to go through the Summer Camp Island series, but it has already been taken away.

A tool was launched this week by Zack Whittaker, who was the first to expose a network of stalkerware. We will hear more from the man about this tool.

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The image is from TechCrunch.

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What is going on in the world of techcrunch. The Equity crew talked about why we need to stop comparing Adam Neumann and ElizabethHolmes, and Burnsy talked with Roxanne Petraeus and Hunter Walk about how to sell the vision.

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There is a paywall behind it. There are some really good things. Here's a sample.

It seems like a basic question but we get quite a lot of it. With his unique perspective as a reporter, pitch coach, and former director at a VC fund, Haje breaks it all down.

Are you planning on using your startup equity as a security? Good luck, you have built up a lot of equity in the company you helped to build. Is it possible to use it as collateral for something? Max is walking us through the challenges

writer spotlight: Zack Whittaker

Veanne Cao is the image's author.

We are experimenting with a new section this week where we can catch up with a writer and learn more about them and what they are thinking. What's the first thing you're going to do? The amazing, wonderful, Zack Whittaker.

What is the name of the person? What do you do when you're not working?

The security editor is me. The security desk is overseen by the Bearer of Bad News. We uncover and report the big cybersecurity news of the day, and how it affects you.

What would it be if you could tell everyone about your beat?

Think of cybersecurity as an investment for something you don't want to happen. Getting ahead of it is better. It is never too late to start, because it is easier now than it has been. It's so much harder for hackers to break into your accounts or steal your data if you invest a small amount of time on three simple steps.

You launched an anti-stalkerware tool this week, please tell me about it.

A network of near-identical "stalkerware" apps share the same common security bug, which is leaking the private phone data of hundreds of thousands ofAndroid device owners around the world. The malicious apps are planted by someone with access to your phone and designed to stay hidden, but silently steal a victim's phone data, like messages, photos, call logs, location and more. The list of compromised devices was leaked months later. The data didn't have enough information for us to identify or notify victims so we built this tool to allow anyone to check if their device was compromised.

It's really bad. It's okay. The app is leaking a bunch of data to anyone who knows where to look if you don't pay attention. Is it possible that the people behind the stalkerware apps want to stop?

It's not at all. The developers behind the stalkerware network went to great lengths to hide their identities. With no expectation of a fix, we published our investigation to help alert victims to the dangers of this spyware. Civil society should not be subject to this kind of snooping.

What is the best thing you have done with the tool?

I've been here for four years. That is difficult. The inside story of how two British security researchers in their early 20s helped to save the internet from the fast-spreading WannaCry ransomware in 2017: locking up computers in hospitals, shipping giants, and transport hubs, causing billions The attack stopped when one of them registered a certain domain name in the code. They found the kill switch which made them heroes. The kill switch domain was still alive despite attempts by bad actors to have it offline. Is it possible to be responsible for this thing that is helping the health service? One of the researchers said it was frightening.