The city of St. is located in the northeastern part of the United States The team got another strong start from their starter, as well as strong work from their pitchers. They got a tiebreaking hit from Randy Arozarena.

They lost because they can't stop making outs on the bases.

The Royals scored the winning run on a sac fly in the 10th and the loss dropped the Rays to third and final wild-card spot.

There was a story about the three players getting tagged out.

Harold Ramirez picked off a baserunner with the bases loaded in the third.

Taylor Walls was thrown out at second in the ninth.

Roman stole third in the 10th after failing to advance from second on a groundout.

Is it a loss that's frustrating?

Walls said it is. We had lots of chances to score runs, but didn't. The only times we had runs was in that one frame. I made a few errors on the bases. There were a few good plays. There were a few mistakes. I can't do much about it, but I'm looking forward to Saturday.

Walls said it was even more frustrating because of how they had come back to tie in the sixth off a very tough Brady Singer and how well they had pitched. Bobby Witt Jr.'s two-run home run in the third was the only run the ace allowed.

He allowed two hits and three walks while striking out eight and it was his best outing in a while.

He believed he threw the ball well. I think I'm in a good place despite the home-run pitch. I believe I'm getting back to where I was. For the first time in my life I felt like myself. The pitches could have been used at any time.

The things that were done on the bases went to waste. They added to the major's totals in being caught stealing and running into outs. They were picked off nine times, which is above the average.

Kevin Cash said he couldn't fault Walls and Quinn for trying to be aggressive in situations that could have made a difference. Not a lot for Ramirez.

There wasn't a reason for him to be second in that situation.

Cash said that the Royals made a good play, but that Ramirez probably got too far off. We like our chances. We should see Randy hit.

He was surprised that the Royals made the play because he was off the base. He was more upset that the call was not overturned because he said the second baseman told him he didn't tag him.

Ramirez said he was getting angry because he knew he missed him. He told me that he didn't know why he made the call.

The reason Walls tried to get to second was to score the winning run on a hit.

With the ball slicing toward the line, he was going to have to throw across his body because he was a catcher.

Walls said that the throw would have to be perfect. I couldn't hold on to the bag I am not upset with the decision there.

He struck out four times and blamed himself for that. He said he made a bad decision not to go to third on the play when YandyDiaz hit the ground ball in the 10th. He said he tried to steal third and was caught on a perfect throw.

The goal was to get to third and give the team a better chance of scoring. That was a mistake. I got in my head.

The night was that way.

This is the first time I've heard of it.

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