August 20th is the full day of Cat Sabbath. National bacon lover's day has an incorrect spelling that suggests only one person loves bacon. The person is not known.

National Pecan Pie Day, National Lemonade Day, World Honey Bee Day, and World Mosquito Day are also included.

Sir Ronald Ross was the first Brit to win a prize for discovering that Anopheles mosquitoes transmit malaria. There is a website from Wiskipedia.

After two years of research failure, in July 1897, Ross managed to culture 20 adult “brown” mosquitoes from collected larvae. He successfully infected the mosquitoes from a patient named Husein Khan for a price of 8 annas (one anna per blood-fed mosquito). After blood-feeding, he dissected the mosquitoes. On 20 August he confirmed the presence of the malarial parasite inside the gut of mosquito, which he originally identified as “dappled-wings” (which turned out to be species of the genus Anopheles). The next day, on 21 August, he confirmed the growth of the parasite in the mosquito. This discovery was published on 27 August 1897 in the Indian Medical Gazette and subsequently in the December 1897 issue of British Medical Journal. In the evening he composed the following poem for his discovery (originally unfinished, sent to his wife on 22 August, and completed a few days later:

This day relenting God Hath placed within my hand A wondrous thing; and God Be praised. At His command, Seeking His secret deeds With tears and toiling breath, I find thy cunning seeds, O million-murdering Death. I know this little thing A myriad men will save. O Death, where is thy sting?

Thy victory, O Grave?

The first entry says it should beEvolution Day.

The stuff that happened on August 20 is included.

The title of the submission can be found here.

Rodriguez was suspended for an entire season for using steroids, but he still hit 25.

The words are about some very braveRAF members who flew in the Battle of Britain. It comes at 3:05.

The speech is 15 minutes long so you can see what he meant.

Da nooz.

I will give a brief excerpt of each story that the Washington Post has. Ukrainians are fleeing from the area around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which the Russians control. There were premonitions of an attack on the plant. It seems like an attack like this would be foolish.

Families are beginning to flee the area in anticipation of a nuclear catastrophe, while plant employees have been ordered to stay home Friday. Russia could be preparing to disconnect the plant from Ukraine’s electricity grid.

“The scariest scenario is something like Chernobyl but worse,” one former resident of Energoatom told The Washington Post. People have waited in lines for over 4 days in their cars in the hot summer heat amid artillery fire zipping overheard. “It is not easy to find a car and driver either,” she said. The United Nations warned that any damage to the plant would be “suicide.”

According to a cache of secret Russian intelligence obtained by the Post, the Russian spy operation in Ukraine was not only incompetent, but also misled the Russian government.

In the final days before the invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s security service began sending cryptic instructions to informants in Kyiv. Pack up and get out of the capital, the Kremlin collaborators were told, but leave behind the keys to your homes.

The directions came from senior officers in a unit of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) with a prosaic name — the Department of Operational Information — but an ominous assignment: ensure the decapitation of the Ukrainian government and oversee the installation of a pro-Russian regime.

The messages were a measure of the confidence in that audacious plan. So certain were FSB operatives that they would soon control the levers of power in Kyiv, according to Ukrainian and Western security officials, that they spent the waning days before the war arrangingsafe houses or accommodations in informants’ apartments and other locations for the planned influx of personnel.

. . .No aspect of the FSB’s intelligence mission outside Russia was more important than burrowing into all levels of Ukrainian society.

And yet, the agency failed to incapacitate Ukraine’s government, foment any semblance of a pro-Russian groundswell or interrupt President Volodymyr Zelensky’s hold on power. Its analysts either did not fathom how forcefully Ukraine would respond, Ukrainian and Western officials said, or did understand but couldn’t or wouldn’t convey such sober assessments to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Zelensky is being criticized for failing to inform his people of the impending war with Russia.

Until this week, Ukrainians seemed to see President Volodymyr Zelensky as beyond reproach, a national hero who stayed in Kyiv despite the risk to his personal safety to lead his country against invading Russian troops.

Comments he made to The Washington Post justifying his failure to share with Ukrainians details of repeated U.S. warnings that Russia planned to invade have punctured the bubble, triggering a cascade of public criticism unprecedented since the war began.

Ordinary people tweeted their experiences of chaos and dislocation after an invasion for which they were unprepared, and described how they might have made different choices had they known what was coming. Public figures and academics wrote harsh critiques on Facebook of his decision to downplay the risk of an invasion, saying he bears at least some responsibility for the atrocities that followed.

At FiveThirtyEight, there is a discussion between five of its journalists: "Can we expect anything other than Biden vs. Trump?" If Biden wants the nomination, he says he wants to run again, and no Democrat would take him on. All bets are off if Biden doesn't run. Harris is not in a position to take his place.

The consensus seems to be that the Republicans have a credible challenger in Ron DeSantis.

sarah: Fair. OK, where do folks stand on this question of whether there’s room for someone other than Trump in the GOP? I think there might be more disagreement?

nrakich: It’s pretty clear that there is some room for a Trump challenger. The question is just whether there’s enough, and if so, whether the opposition will be too divided to take advantage of it.

kaleigh: I think there is space for a challenger in the GOP, but that challenger will still have a real hard time overcoming Trump’s popularity, and if there’s more than one challenger splitting the few non-Trump votes, it will be a snowball’s-chance-in-hell scenario.

The answer seems to be no. If we had a match up against Trump and Biden again, wouldn't it be too much? Trump has the smell of mendacity about him even though his popularity is low. I think that Biden will run again and that Trump will too.

Andrew Sullivan is going on vacation for a few weeks and pondered if Trump would be indicted. He thinks that Trump should be, but there is a downside, and that is that he wants Trump defeated politically.

The danger is deploying the full armory of the legal system against a former and possible future president with the knee-jerk political opposition of a good 35 – 40 percent of the country — because that could actually add one more spiral to the delegitimization of democracy. Trump will never concede fault or responsibility on anything because he is mentally ill. We have also learned how the GOP will defend and champion him under any circumstances — even when he orchestrated a violent attack on the peaceful transfer of power. And so we have to weigh the consequences of a showdown to the truly bitter end.

Is it worth it? In a healthy republic, it would be. In our deeply sick polity, I worry that it could empower Trump, bring him back to center-stage, consume all of us in his loopy mendacity again, and allow him to escape one more time — perhaps into the presidency itself. His entire campaign is one of victimization and revenge. Why give him the perfect platform to wage it?

If we run the risk of prosecution, then it seems to me it must be because of an alleged crime far worse than being a criminal corporate con-artist, a giant tax fraud, or holding onto official documents because “they’re mine!” Is there proof of ill-intent? How vital are these documents to national security? You need a truly overwhelming case of negligence and criminality to proceed — and I’m not sure Garland has one. Remember Mueller.

And look: I do not discount the risk of doing nothing about the crimes of an ex-president. His continued iron grip on one political party, the depth of the broader national polarization, and Trump’s clear threat to use the White House for a series of future, vengeful prosecutions of his enemies are all signs of grave Constitutional danger. But this is where we are already. It may not make things better to press them to a conclusion that may not even be a conclusion.

It makes a lot of sense. All hell would break loose if Trump is indicted. He could run for President again and win. What would happen to our Republic is not feasible in either of the alternatives.

Before giving birth, Nellie wrote her last weekly news summary on Bari Weiss's site: " TGIF: Last hurrah before the baby! Her take on the news is a bit sarcastic.

→ Strong women cannot possibly have been women: In the new gender belief system, female-ness and male-ness are feelings, removed from the physical body. So what is femaleness, then? It is a sense of weakness, receptivity, softness, and submission. Duh.

And so it makes sense that a powerful, dominant uterus-haver in, say, 15th-century France, could not possibly have identified as a woman, not if she (they?) knew what we know now. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is putting on a play about the life of Joan of Arc, and in it she is not a she at all. How could she be? Joan is strong and independent! So Joan is recast as a nonbinary hero and goes by they/them. From the Globe’s website announcing the show:  “Joan finds their power and their belief spreads like fire.” (Spreads like fire . . . you see Joan was burned at the stake, so they’re doing a metaphor with that.)

You know who else was nonbinary, according to the new academic experts? Elizabeth I! Yes, all through history powerful people who thought they were women were, in fact, total dudes or at least dude-adjacent. All of them, from Cleopatra to Sojourner Truth—they were never women. That was just us imposing the gender-binary on all these super awesome people of indeterminate identity.

The way to know that this is sexism is to imagine something similar being done to a historical man. Like: this historical man was really submissive and quiet, so our play now re-imagines him as a woman, which we think he was.

→ Segregation is back, back again: UC Berkeley’s Person of Color Theme House has reportedly banned white guests from common spaces “to be able to avoid white violence and presence.”

“When students do bring a guest, the rules direct them to announce it in the house guest chat and note ‘if they are white,’” reports campus news site The College Fix, which broke this story.

What about other races? Do you have to announce if your guest is Asian, Latino? What about biracial? These nuances are unclear, and dare I say it, problematic.

I would gently suggest that bringing back segregation is a risky move.

The latest scam is to put water in cans that look like beer cans, so that nondrinkers won't be seen in social situations. You can get a nine-ounce can for $2.

Bob Lugowe, 37, bought a Liquid Death tallboy at a recent Megadeth concert and said toting around the can, adorned with gothic heavy-metal style lettering, made him feel as much a part of the crowd as carrying a beer.

“I didn’t want to get made fun of for drinking Poland Spring at a punk show,” said Mr. Lugowe, who runs an indie record label out of Philadelphia.

One welcome feature, he said, was being able to crush the big can on his skull alongside all the other happy hell-raisers.

The water is from the Swiss Alps, but that doesn't mean it's any better. There are some people who are sane.

There are plenty of industry skeptics. Nick Hamon, 43, who owns a bar in Fayetteville, Ark., stopped by the cocktail conference’s big opening night party sponsored by Liquid Death. He joked that maybe he should make his fortune filling cans with Arkansas tap water and calling it Liquid Life.

The only trouble, Mr. Hamon said, was that he doubted his customers would be happy paying for something they were accustomed to getting free.

That is what they are doing anyways.

Hili is in Dobrzyn.

Callie's name is from Callie.

There is a post from Facebook.

There is a post on Grace Slicks Facebook page.

The word of God is called TheTweet of God.

Think of the world you're leaving behind for the children you should really stop having.

— God (@TheTweetOfGod) August 19, 2022

Sounds like it's from Malcolm. She should be a lot happier than she is.

It's #Caturday..Trying to cuddle with kittens this age is intense..😺😸😘

— Rock & Tattoo Lady…😷 (@PenelopeRuzy) August 13, 2022

Ken called this "our post-Roe hell".

Florida appeals court affirms an order prohibiting a parentless 16-year-old from terminating her pregnancy on the grounds that she has not proved she is mature enough to get an abortion. So the state will force her to have a child instead.

— Mark Joseph Stern (@mjs_DC) August 16, 2022

I found a message on the internet. The expression on the yellow cat's face is striking.

Someone is jealous.. 😅

— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden) August 17, 2022

Gassed at three from the memorial.

20 August 1939 | A French Jewish girl, Renee Kaufman, was born in Paris.

In September 1942 she was deported to #Auschwitz from Drancy and murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.

— Auschwitz Memorial (@AuschwitzMuseum) August 20, 2022

Matthew is a person with a social media account. He gives an explanation to this one.

This picture is doing the rounds as a meme with all caps text inserted about some fact or ranting opinion, so I added the opening of Franklin and Gosling 1953. It is not very funny but it probably is clever.


— Matthew Cobb (@matthewcobb) August 18, 2022

French fries are made when life gives you potatoes. It's a good idea to sound up.

Give feral cats a chance. Sometimes you’ll end up with a decorative kitty, other times you’ll end up with a Potato. Both are good ❤️

— Sophianeⵣ is Team Hoary🦇🦇 (@HonkIfUrHoary) August 17, 2022

The house isn't really abandoned as explained by the tweets.

An abandoned House in Chicago between two modern building.

— World Of History (@UmarBzv) August 15, 2022

The synthesis of cell walls inbacteria is prevented by penicillin.

Bacteria exploding due to exposure to penicillin:#biology by Bernhardt Lab

🧠Slava Bobrov (@slava__bobrov) August 11, 2022