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I used russet potatoes for all three methods.Chelsea Davis for Insider
  • I used different cooking methods to bake a potato.

  • The oven results were ok, but the microwave was the least reliable.

  • The air fryer was the best way to cook.

A baked potato is a satisfying side or main course.

A nicely seasoned outer skin is what you want. There are a lot of cooking methods that don't work.

I tried three different ways to cook a baked potato, using microwaves, air fryers and the oven. I used a clean potato, oil, and seasoning for each one.

Which appliance made the best baked potato?

First I used a quick microwave method to cook my potato

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This was the quickest way to cook the potato.Chelsea Davis for Insider

The microwave didn't take much effort.

I had to poke the potato with a fork, which slowed me down a bit.

I wanted to make sure it wouldn't pop in the microwave, but I didn't want to worry.

I put the potato in the microwave and cooked it for five minutes.

The potato came out dry and almost chalky

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It was cooked unevenly.Chelsea Davis for Insider

I overcooked the potato which resulted in a dry product.

It was difficult to find the right instructions to cook a potato in a microwave.

For my second variation, I cooked the potato in an air fryer

This was an effective cooking method.Chelsea Davis for Insider

I like using the air fryer because I don't have to poke my potato a lot.

I sprayed it with cooking oil, season it with garlic salt, and put it in the air fryer for 45 minutes.

It came out crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside

I loved the interior of this potato.Chelsea Davis for Insider

I used tongs to cook the potato and made sure it was not burning.

The potato was finished after 45 minutes.

I was surprised at how evenly cooked it was when I opened it. The potato had a good texture and flavor.

The Insider's Reviews team tested air fryers and found thePhilips Premium Digital Air Fryer to be the best. We tested air fryers and found the best ones.

The last method I tested out involved baking the potato in the oven

This took the longest amount of time.Chelsea Davis for Insider

I used a fork to poke holes in the potato so it wouldn't get wet while it was cooking.

The microwave method required less labor than Poking the fork in and out of the spud.

I put the potato in the oven after coating it with oil and salt. I put it in the oven and cooked it for an hour.

The potato turned out OK, but it didn't beat the air-fryer variety

The potato was pretty good inside.Chelsea Davis for Insider

The potato was baked for an hour.

The air-fryer method cooks it more evenly than the inside method.

Out of the 3 methods, the air fryer totally won

The air-fryer method was simple and foolproof.Chelsea Davis for Insider

The potato was cooked in the air.

The potato was crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The skin was crisp and ideal for stuffing.

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