At least David Vassegh is smiling!

It is a sliding board. The kids go down these things a lot. Bad things are rare but only because they are children. David Vassegh would be fine.

Vassegh, a reporter for the Dodgers, wanted to go down the home run slide at American Family Field in order to fulfill a lifelong dream. It is a typical dream. I have always wanted to go down the slide at the park. I would jump in the pool at Chase Field if I could go down the slide in American Family Field.

You never think you'll end up in the hospital when you fulfill your dreams. As he stood on top of the Chalet, Vassegh was ecstatic. He had a blanket and all he needed to go fast. Vassegh flew into the wall at the bottom of the slide, breaking his arm and six ribs, because he was too excited to slow down.

The Dodgers broadcasters were hysterics. The one we saw unfold in the video is one of the best television episodes we've ever seen.

Vassegh should be the real winner from all of this. The man broke bones and was laughed at, but still finished his job. He probably wouldn't have asked for the day off if he had. He was a tough son of a gun who was willing to own up to his embarrassment and continue talking baseball. Vassegh's cover players were impressed with his resilience. Austin Barnes caught up with Vassegh and told him that the Dodgers had won for him.

props to Vassegh Everyone in that locker room respects him. After breaking multiple bones on a slide, he can laugh at himself and still do a great job on air. Vassegh has already earned respect around the league regardless of whether or not he misses any time in order to recover.

Even if he took the rest of the season off, he would still be able to put smiles on people's faces. Hats off to Vassegh. Take the stairs again.