The secret to a happy marriage can be reduced to a single word.

There's a lot of communication. In an interview published Wednesday, the actor said that it was all about good communication.

She said that she and her husband try to work together so that they can spend more time together. We don't have to be apart a lot.

Even when we are apart, we try to connect every day.

The two people met in New Orleans.

Brie and Franco attend the screening of
Brie and Franco attend the screening of

The movie "Spin Me Round" was shown in West Hollywood, California, on August 17th.

A mutual friend set up the two to engage in 48 hours of drugs, sex, and making out.

During an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" in July 2020, she said that it started in New Orleans at the start of love stories.

The two began to hit it off after the group went to dinner. She agreed to hook up with Dave after her friend text her, "You should hook up with Dave." Franco agreed with the text sent by the friend.

During the wild New Orleans weekend, the actress wore a silver mask that Franco saved and incorporated into his proposal to the actor. There's only one problem. She didn't know where the mask came from.

Franco told a story about his proposal on "The Late Late Show with James Corden"

I was wearing a mask and holding up the ring when she turned around. She couldn't place the mask because it had been five years. She wasn't sure what it was.

The whole proposal is her asking what is happening right now. Franco made a statement. I kept the mask for five years.

Communication in practice is important.

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