Big Ten preview: Ohio State wants a return to glory (2:26)

The Big Ten is where C.J. Stroud wants to get Ohio State back to the top of the conference. There is a time and a place for it.

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A new seven-year media rights agreement between the Big Ten and Fox, CBS and NBC is expected to bring in more than $7 billion for the conference.

The deal will last through the end of the 2029 30 athletic year. According to media sources, a financial windfall will not come immediately. In the first year of the agreement, CBS will pay less than it did in the previous year due to the fact that it will only show seven Big Ten games in the fall. USC and UCLA will join the Big Ten in the second year of the agreement. Revenue will increase in the third year.

Each of the Big Ten's 16 members is expected to receive up to 100 million dollars per year. The league gave $54.3 million to most of its members during the most recent fiscal year, not impacted by the coronaviruses.

Kevin Warren said it was very expensive to operate the athletic departments. The new deals will provide stability for our athletic departments to service our students in a highly productive manner, allowing them to get a world-class education but be treated in a way that they deserve.

"This will help our student-athletes in their pursuit of name, image and likeness opportunities, because now you're going to be on linear TV from morning to night on Saturday."

Future Big Ten football championship games will be shown on all three networks. The Big Ten's title game will be broadcast by Fox in three more years, in addition to the current two years. The game will be carried by CBS and NBC in the next two decades.

The agreement was designed by the Big Ten to coincide with college football Saturdays. The games will be aired on Fox. The Big Ten games will be shown by CBS in the same time slot as the SEC games in the same year. The Big Ten games will be broadcasted in prime time by NBC. Big Ten games will be shown on Peacock.

Warren said that people need to know where they need to go and what content they will get. From a long-term perspective, that is how you build fan avidity. We will have Fox at noon, CBS at 3:30 and NBC in prime time. It was important for me that we have window pairs.

It's helpful if you can promote other shows that are carried by these media partners.

Most of the Big Ten's men's and women's basketball games and Olympic sports will be shown on the Big Ten Network. Iowa and Nebraska will play a Black Friday football game on CBS.

Fox will carry 24-32 football games per season, while NBC will carry 14-16 games per year. CBS will carry a number of Big Ten games in the years to come.

The Big Ten and Fox will make a selection order.

The way the picks will work is very comfortable for NBC Sports. We know we're going to have important games in prime time. Fox, CBS and the Big Ten will be working with us. We all get great games because of the system of picks.

The Big Ten's deal was shaped by Warren's time as an NFL executive, he said. He was able to see how the league assigned content to different partners.

Warren said that he believed that competition made everyone better. The Big Ten is better because of it. Fox and CBS will be better because of it. It's crucial when Fox starts the day. They know that CBS has a long-term relationship with the SEC and they need to perform well. Can NBC duplicate the success they've had with 'Sunday Night Football' in the National Football League to Saturday night?

The Big Ten has a new seven-year media rights agreement with Fox, CBS and NBC that is set to bring in more than $7 billion. Getty Images

The Big Ten and ESPN have a partnership that began in 1982. Turner, Apple and Amazon were contacted by the Big Ten about its new media rights deal.

Sources say that the Big Ten's final offer of a seven-year, $380 million agreement was rejected by the network. Warren acknowledged that owning windows for football games with certain media partners was a big priority for the Big Ten in this deal. All of the SEC's football games will be carried by Disney's cable network in the year 2024.

Warren said that life is long and things change. We've had a good relationship. It's going to be a great year with them. We'll continue to have a good relationship.

Since 1991, NBC has exclusively broadcast Notre Dame home games. The Big Ten wascircled by NBC as a potential investment because it had an expiring deal with Fox.

We were very motivated. The combination of Notre Dame football and Big Ten football in prime time on Saturday night is a powerful weekend lineup. It made a lot of sense to bring those assets together.

NBC was in constant contact with Notre Dame during negotiations about getting a Big Ten rights package. The Big Ten game on those weeks would be replaced by some Notre Dame night games on NBC.

The Big Ten's addition of NBC to its media rights deal was praised by the athletic director of Notre Dame. He said it was perfect for Notre Dame. NBC needs to have more college football to promote our games, to talk about our games, and to have us see them in a different light. It was great that they got a large piece of this.

NBC has a contract with Notre Dame that is set to end in 2025. The Big Ten's final media agreement will address the possibility of future expansion, according to sources.

The Big Ten men's and women's basketball tournaments will be televised by CBS for the first time. There will be up to 47 men's and 30 women's basketball games carried by Peacock. The Big Ten Network will show at least 126 men's basketball games a season.