The new date is August 18, 2022.

Ahead of a high-level United Nations visit to the region this week, Moscow accused Kyiv of nuclear blackmail and warned of a Chernobyl-like catastrophe at the Russian-occupied plant.


A rescuer is attending an exercise in the city.

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Russian state-owned media reported that the defense ministry accused the Ukrainians of planning a provocation at the nuclear power plant.

Moscow denied claims its troops have deployed heavy weapons in or around the station and said that Kyiv was planning an attack that would cause Russia to be accused of creating a man-made disaster at the plant.

The plant is on the frontline between Russian and Ukrainian forces and both nations accuse the other of endangering the world.

Ukrainian emergency forces are practicing nuclear disaster drills in case of an incident at the plant.

The exercises will be repeated in the near future according to Ukrainian officials.

The Zaporizhzhia plant is currently on the frontline between Russian-occupied and Ukrainian controlled territory. The two countries have been at war over the site, with Moscow accusing the other of being a nuclear blackmailer. Moscow has been accused of co-opting the site as a base from which to launch attacks and shield troops, despite the fact that the plant is still run by Ukrainian technicians. Heavy weapons are said to have been placed among the reactor. Both sides claim responsibility for shelling near the plant. The international community has condemned the conflict in the area. The UN atomic watchdog has warned that the fighting poses a grave risk and urged Moscow to allow access to UN inspectors and set up a demilitarized zone around the plant. Russia must protect the plant from terrorist attacks according to the Kremlin.

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The Secretary General arrived in the country. The UN leader and Turkish President are going to meet the Ukrainian President in the city of Lviv. A deal to resume grain exports across the Black Sea is likely to be at the top of the agenda. One of the locations involved in the Turkey- and UN- brokered deal is the Black Sea port of Odesa.

The situation at the nuclear plant is approaching critical.

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Putin turns a nuclear plant into a front line.