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It has been a year since Sony last offered the PS5. The company allowed anyone with a PS Network account to line up online for a chance to buy a new game. Recent restock events have been easy to navigate. Right now is the time to line up as Sony has a new stock.

If you wait in the queue and your turn comes around, you will be able to shop for a PS5 console and accessories. While availability has varied for previous events, it appears that Sony is only selling the PS5 with a digital copy of the game. The PS5 Digital Edition and the disc-based console are not bundled at the moment.

If you don't mind opting for a bundle, be sure to wait out the queue even if the estimated wait is over an hour. Best of luck with your PS5 purchase.

Games and accessories you can’t go wrong with

Get your consoles, games, and accessories. There are lots of great titles and accessories for the next-gen gaming console from Sony.

Sony has a headset that works on the PS5 and PS4. The midnight black dualsense controller is the same as this version.

  • $99 at Amazon
  • $100 at Best Buy

The midnight black dualsense controller has the same hardware as the original but with a two-tone design.

  • $70 at Target
  • $69 at Walmart

There are three tiers of Sony's revised service, called PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium. All of these subscriptions offer online play with varying degrees of downloadable games included.

The latest in Polyphony Digital's "real driving sims" series. There is an extensive campaign mode and photo mode in the game.

  • $69 at Amazon
  • $70 at Best Buy

The game was rebuilt from the ground up by Bluepoint Games.

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The only way to purchase a PS5 is via today's restock event, which has been added.