A flight attendant addressing passengers.
  • Kulhman has been a flight attendant for over three decades.

  • She has worked on hundreds of flights and with many passengers.

  • Kulhman has a list of passenger pet peeves to avoid.

There are a lot of reasons why flying can be difficult. It can be a job that requires extreme patience and a positive attitude if you are a flight attendant.

Kulhman has worked as a flight attendant for over three decades. He flies out of Los Angeles International Airport and also travels to the Hawaii Islands, Miami, Seattle, and Chicago.

Kulhman has worked on hundreds of flights with thousands of passengers and she has five pet peeves. This seasoned flight attendant wants more customers to stop doing things in order to have better manners while flying.

Ignoring flight attendants

Most of the time flight attendants and crew members leave passengers alone. Important updates, like turbulence, seat-belt announcements, and food and beverage service are some of the things they communicate with passengers about.

Passengers don't take out their headphones to listen to flight attendants talk.

It is rude to ignore someone who is trying to speak to you and serve you drinks or food.

One way to show respect is to simply remove earbuds. It is polite to say no if passengers don't want food or drinks.

Misusing overhead bin space 

The biggest challenge flight attendants face at the beginning of the flight is dealing with passengers who misplace their bags. Someone putting their backpack in an overhead bin after learning that the space should be prioritized for roller bags or bigger luggage isruder than anything else.

In order to fit another passenger's roller bag in the overhead space, flight attendants often have to ask passengers to move their backpacks under their seats.

Passengers are reminded to put their bags under the seat and reserve overhead bins for larger bags as a courtesy.

Leaving the bathroom a mess

Kulhman wants passengers to keep the bathroom as clean and tidy as possible because the bathroom is so small.

Is it possible to leave pee on the toilet seat at home? Kulhman spoke. When you wash your hands at home, do you leave a mess on the floor?

It is important to remember that basic courtesy goes a long way when using the bathroom on an airplane. The paper towels in the bathroom can be used for five seconds to clean up messes.

Expecting free blankets

Kulhman said that one of the things you can expect to feel on an airplane is cooler air. When people board the plane in shorts or a tank top, the flight crew should give them blankets, but flight attendants don't like that.

The blankets have not been offered on domestic flights in the US. International flights are the only places where blankets are offered. Wear shorts to the airport and then switch to jeans or pants for the flight.

Light blankets and sweaters are recommended by Kulhman. If you are on a flight that lasts more than three hours and you want to sleep, socks are a good idea.

Asking the flight crew to hold the flight for them

If a passenger is late for their flight or their next connection, they might ask a flight attendant for help holding the flight. The flight crew does not have the ability to change the flight schedule or departure time.

It's not the flight attendant's decision to change the departure time, it's the airline's decision. How many passengers are connecting, how much time there's left to connect, how much space is left at different gates, what kind of traffic the tower is reporting, and additional factors are taken into account.

Passengers are better off asking a ticket or gate agent for an alternative flight route if they want to hold the flight.

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