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Alex is an editor at The Verge who covers Meta and the social media industry more broadly. He has covered augmented and virtual reality. The newest season of Land of the Giants is co-hosted by him. It's all about Meta this season.

We want to know about your desk.

The desk I have is a Blue Dot Stash desk. I have had it for a couple of years and I absolutely adore it. My wife and I share the home office where it is located.

top of desk with keyboard, mouse pad, laptop
A minimalist set of desk gear.

Tell us something about your chair.

When I decided to work from home for the foreseeable future, I decided to buy an office chair. The Herman Miller Setu chair is the perfect balance of function, comfort, and sleek design.

We want to know about the technology you use.

I don't carry a lot of desk gear. The computer I use for my work is a MacBook Air. I have a Dell UltraSharp U 2415 on my desk. I am going to upgrade to a 4K or ultrawide monitor in the near future.

MyWebcam is made byNexiGo It has a built-in ring light that I don't like and it captures at a very high resolution. The room my desk is in doesn't have a great lighting situation, so I'm looking for a better one.

Since I co-hosted the Land of the Giants this year, I have added OWC's Thunderbolt 3 dock to connect to my microphone. It is attached to a Stage Rocker stand, but it is not a good fit for my desk since it is long and backs into the wall. It's very easy to use the mic for an audio novice like me.

I have a MacBook and a Dell monitor. They are easy to move and the height is adjusted. They're also small.

My keyboard and mouse are easy to use. I need to get a full-size keyboard with a number pad for my large hands. Ktrio makes the mouse pad.

I usually listen to music or take calls when I am on the phone.

The best at noise cancellation can be found in Apple's AirPods Max.

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Many of your colleagues have a larger workspace. Do you think that's a problem?

It's not really. I keep my desk clean and try to keep peripheral gear in my single drawer. I have tried to embrace the less is more virtue with my office setup, and I am happy with it. I take calls in other rooms or on a patio since I share an office with my wife. One of us will go to another room if we have a lot of meetings in the same place. When you work from home, it's nice to change up your space throughout the day.

audio interface under a monitor stand
A solid audio setup for a podcast.
An Electro-Voice mic attached to a low-profile stand.
Superman Heroclix
A Superman HeroClix from college.

Do you like or dislike the figurine on your monitor stand?

I am not very emotional. I found this HeroClix early on in college and have held onto it ever since. It doesn't have a lot of meaning beyond that.

The opening hours poster is great.

Thanks a lot. I do as well. My wife is the one who got all the credit. The framed tea towel is by DavidShrigley.

desk with “closed” sign on wall
The framed tea towel proclaims opening hours.

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