Humans and wildlife can be harmed by light pollution. Exposure to light at night has been linked to cancer and cardiovascular disease in people and has also been linked to the loss of stealth in animals.

Efforts are being made to find ways to reduce light pollution. For their ability to direct light to a targeted area, many of them advocate installing light- emitting diodes, or LEDs, in outdoor streetlights. Cities need to get the transition right the first time or face long-term consequences. The full story is available to read.

Shel is evergreen.

The must read books.

I scoured the internet to find you the most interesting and fun stories about technology. The goal is for the robot to understand a wider range of commands from humans.

We are in the middle of a cautionary tale because of the extreme heat.

The animal was hunted to extinction a century ago. The company wants to bring it back.

The UK's youngsters spend more time on TikTok than watching tv.