The internet has made it easier to plan a trip yourself, but it also requires you to wade through hundreds of pages of destination research, hotel and home rental options, and countless flight-routing alternatives.

A few travel platforms have made changes this summer to make travel planning easier, by refining searches, creating maps and streamlining loyalty programs.

If you want to find a vacation home on an island, a hotel 15 minutes' walk from your nephew's bar mitzvah locale or an electric car is a good place to start.

Analysts don't think those and other platforms are finished. More brands are expected to develop and upgrade these types of features in the future due to the fact that travel information, pricing and booking is still so fragmented.

It can be hard to find a vacation rental that is right for you. The creation of 56 categories of homes that aim to help you find rentals identified as, say, tiny homes, castles, "ski-in/out" near national parks, homes with "amazing pools," and even an "OMG" is one of the measures that the company has adopted this

The "split stay" feature aims to help people who want to split their time between two locations. It is easy to pair two rentals over a longer stay with the help of the tool.

Jamie Lane, the vice president of research at Airdna, a market research firm specializing in short-term rentals, said that people are more location-agnostic now than they were before the H1N1 epidemic. It's easier to piece together a longer-term trip with the help ofAirbnb, which helps you find listings that meet your criteria and are open over the duration of the trip.

AirCover is a free policy that protects consumers if a host cancels within 30 days of your trip.

Mr. Lane thinks it's a way to compete with hotels. Guests can be reassured that they will get what they paid for.

The group wants you to stay loyal. The collection of travel companies includes the online agencies and, as well as the discount booking site In early 2023, it will unite them under One Key, a loyalty program that will allow points earned booking a flight on Expedia to be applied to the price of a future rental on Vrbo.

The president of the consumer division of the group said that the idea of an integrated loyalty program came to him when he opened his own travel wallet.

He said that it was possible to make sense of disparate programs by creating connections between all of the brands.

The company has not yet disclosed conversion formulas or One Key's rates for earning and using points.

While most loyalty programs encourage members to stay with a single brand, One Key will allow users to apply points across categories.

The loyalty program can draw more people to the brand umbrella with flexible options to earn and burn points on whichever brand offers the most fitting options for a trip.

Road trips, restaurant-dense neighborhoods, and areas visitors may not know about are some of the things that can be mapped on the new features on the travel section of the internet giant's website.

Hotels with associated prices were already shown on a map when searching for hotels on the platform. New icons that represent transportation, dining, attractions and shopping give users the ability to see where transit lines are relative to hotels. The map has icons for shopping and dining in it. Things like museums can be added to the map by clicking on the attractions icon.

The bar at the bottom of the map can be used to see the average person's walk time from a given location. The company suggested that the feature could be used to identify hotels near a wedding venue.

Craig Ewer, a spokesman for the company, said that there was an option to figure it out in the maps, but this takes a lot of the guess work out.

Within a few hours, it has a new Explore tool. Clicking on a road-trip destination will bring up attractions.

Mr. Ewer said that there was an increased preference for road trips that didn't involve the airport. We used the Explore tool to bring in ideas.

If you want to find the lowest prices over the next six months, you can click on "any dates" to have the platform monitor fares.

Signing in or creating a free account is required for using tracking. The platform links users to businesses that sell travel products.

Consumers are being helped by two more platforms.

There is a new filter in the travel search engine Skyscanner. Users can check the electric box after inputting dates and locations to see if there are any available E.V.s.

The green filter Skyscanner put in flight searches a few years ago shows choices with less carbon emissions than average for each search.

Martin Nolan, the sustainable travel expert at Skyscanner, said that the car rental filters help travelers understand the environmental impact of travel. wants to make it easier for L.G.B.T.Q. travelers. The challenges L.G.B.T.Q. travelers face has led to the introduction of a partner training program.

More than 10,000 properties in 95 countries and territories have been certified since August of last year. A digital Travel Proud Badge is included in the certification.

Booking has a responsibility to help pave the way for a more inclusive industry with the ultimate goal of making it easier for everyone to experience the world as themselves.

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