After months of tension surrounding the piece of legislation's fate, President Joe Biden handed the pen he used to sign it to Sen. Joe Manchin.

The act commits the US to a 40% emissions reduction by the year 2030.

Manchin helped to get rid of the tax loophole for wealthy Americans that Sinema objected to. The basis for the loophole was disagreed with by Sinema.

Manchin was seen crouching in front of Sinema's desk while he spoke to her on the floor.

Biden handed the pen to Manchin after he signed the act into law.

Biden acknowledged Manchin's efforts to get the legislation passed.

Manchin's representatives did not reply to Insider's request.

Many parts of Biden's economic agenda were saved when Manchin got on board with the inflation reduction act.

After months of tension between Biden and Manchin, there was an olive branch between the two.

Manchin has stood in the way of major legislation being passed by the Senate despite the Democrats having control of the House. Manchin doesn't want to support Biden in the future.