Photo Illustration of Polio

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been a resurgence of the disease in the New York City metropolitan area.

An unvaccinated young adult in Rockland County, a suburb of New York City, was paralyzed from the waist down after catching the disease. The person who caught the weakened form of the virus used in the oral vaccine had not traveled internationally during the time they were exposed to it.

The chain of transmission was stopped when the U.S. stopped using the oral vaccine in 2000. Wastewater samples in Israel and the United Kingdom have been linked to the vaccine-derived strain circulating in the New York metropolitan area.

The agency said it has found three other people who may have the disease, but they have not tested positive yet. They are considered to be people under investigation.

Since the oral vaccine uses a live virus strain that can still replicate, people who have not been vaccined can catch the virus from people who have. The U.S. uses a vaccine that inactivates the virus to prevent it from spreading.

There were 21 sewage samples in Rockland and Orange counties that tested positive for the disease after the young adult case. The strain the young adult caught is connected to twenty of the samples collected from May through July. The sewage samples were collected in New York.

The New York City sewage samples have been found to contain the disease. The Rockland County adult is the only one in the US to have community transmission of the disease.

The unvaccinated Rockland County resident who caught the disease attended a large gathering eight days before they became sick. It can take between 7 and 21 days for a person to become paralyzed from the start. The individual did not travel outside of the country during the exposure period.

An adult from Rockland County was hospitalized and then released to a physical rehabilitation center.

There were 10 changes in one region of the pathogen that the individual caught. The location where the transmission began is not known, but this indicates the virus may have been circulating for up to a year.

CDC officials warned that the community transmission of the virus that puts unvaccinated people at risk of paralysis is what led to the detection of the virus in wastewater samples in Rockland and Orange.

According to the report, low vaccination coverage in the patient's county of residence indicates that the community is at risk. There is a public health emergency in the US.

One out of 1,900 infections from the vaccine-derived strain results in paralysis for people who aren't vaccine-vaccinated.

In Rockland County, the vaccine coverage for children younger than two years old has fallen. According to the CDC, vaccine coverage in this age group was low in some areas.

Communities are at risk of an outbreak due to a drop in the administration of the vaccine.

The CDC says that there have been no cases of the wild polioviruses in the US since 1979. Travelers have brought diseases into the United States.