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New science shows how the inside of a black hole is hidden.

There are black holes in physics. Scientists have been perplexed about what happens to things that fall into a black hole.

The black hole information paradoxes has stopped physics. Scientists have made a breakthrough that could finally solve the puzzle and show how black holes work.

We need to go back to 1974 to understand the paradoxes. Black holes are no longer exist.

A black hole will slowly shrink, particle by particle, until nothing is left at all.

He discovered that empty space isn't empty. Virtual particles come out of the vacuum.

The unlucky few that arise on either side of a black hole's boundary are known as the event horizon. One member of the duo can get trapped in the horizon while the other carries energy away.

The black hole is destroyed by escaping energy.

If black holes can be destroyed, so can all the information about what happened.

Information can never be destroyed according to a fundamental law of physics. What's going on?

Physicists were stumped for 50 years. In the past few years, a unique solution has emerged.

A wormhole is a bridge that connects two distant spots. The predictions of Einstein's general theory of relativity are called worms.

There is a possibility that the inside of a black hole could be connected to the inside of another black hole through a wormhole.

It would be very rare. It might be possible. Everything happens according to the rules of quantum physics.

A particle takes all of them at the same time.

Black holes seem to have the same thing happen to them. There are a lot of weird configurations of spacetime that can happen within them.

Information didn't seem to be completely destroyed after physicists added wormholes.

The insides of black holes appeared to contain islands.

The islands are not part of the black hole. They are both inside and outside the black holes, as if they are part of the escaping radiation that is degrading the black holes.

Information within them escapes as they flee.

Physicists are finding that the nature of our reality is even weirder than they thought.

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