One of the more comprehensive screening tests is offered byNatera. The company was fourth to market in the early part of the year. After the paper's publication, they were added to every patient's results. Sheetal Parmar is a genetic counselor who is the vice president of medical affairs.

People with XXY may have learning difficulties and challenges with social interaction, along with physical issues, But most grow up to live productive, healthy lives.

It's rare for a patient to read all the fine print. It is a challenge for people to fully understand what they are being screened for. Families have time to prepare with the information about a sex chromosomes aneuploidy.

On the other hand, she is grateful that she has a big safety net around her son if he ever needs it. It can be frustrating. Is his nature the reason he gets teary when a task feels hard to complete? Do you wonder? Emotions can be regulated. She says she will question how much of this should concern us. My mother's heart is always asking if this is the thing. Is it necessary for us to freak out?

It can be difficult to lump all sex chromosomes together. Girls with an extra X chromosomes tend to be taller than their peers, for example, while those with just one X tend to be short.

Robby, an eight-year-old boy with XXY who lives in Seattle, has had a different experience than what Ollie has experienced. His mother cried in a parking garage after her doctor called with the results of the NIPS test. She says that she was in a yoga class where everyone said they were having a boy or girl. Things were so simple that I felt jealous.

At preschool, Robby was late to toilet train, and he knocked over other children's toys. The teacher was asked if his behavior was outside the norm. The teacher agreed to the proposal.

chromosome triplet with the extra highlighted

Early intervention was needed after Robby's diagnosis. She turned to the Children's Hospital Colorado for help during her pregnancies. Robby was the first child to sign up for the study about emotional regulation in preschoolers with XXY. He had superior scores for language and spatial reasoning but was below average for processing speed and adaptive skills.

An occupational therapist is one of the therapists that Robby has met with after being diagnosed with a range of disorders. The family has been affected by it. I didn't think his challenges would be that big.