A screenshot of Spanish YouTuber Borja Escalona eating an empanadilla is shown.

An entire country has been enraged by the addition of a Spanish YouTuber who demanded free food for featuring a bar in a livestream. He threatened to send a $2,500 invoice if the bar wouldn't give him an empanada.

The bar "A Tapa do Barril" is located in the city of Vigo in northern Spain and is frequented by Borja and her friends. He was giving away free food in the city because of his online following. He inquired about the bar's empanadas, which are a type of empanada that is served cold, has a thick and cruisy exterior, and has simple filling.

After talking with the Barril employee who was attending him, he decided to call her "Luca", even though she wasn't his real name. He tells his followers about the most popular flavours. Rebeca tells him that he has to pay for his food when he leaves, which shocked him.

We have a problem right now. You have to pay for the promotion that I made for you. He told the Rebeca that it would be a bit more expensive.

He told the server that he only eats free things before eating the empanadilla. Rebeca told him that the bar wouldn't give him a free meal because he was talking to his followers.

I promote places and show them off. The video had more than 164,000 views at the time of publication.

While making unhappy faces at the camera, he eventually decides to pay. Rebeca told him to talk to her boss about getting the empanadilla for free, even though she apologized. He told his followers to back off after someone commented on the chat that the reviews would come.

He warned against putting bad reviews on social media.

The YouTuber Says He’s Going to Send Bar a $2,540 Invoice for Promoting It on YouTube 

It could have been left there and done with, but this is a person who has caused conflict before. He was arrested in Madrid for throwing an electric shaver at a woman.

He addresses the employee again after he finished his food.

What are we going to do? He said that the invoice would be 2.500 and that it would be $2,540. The invoice will be sent by my company.

Rebeca told him that he was threatening her and called him out on his behavior. She says he is putting her job at risk by telling her to pay him 2.500. He defends himself by saying that his company will send the invoice and that he won't be laughing at the whole situation.

Do you think that is a threat? That is an explanation. He said that it was part of the negotiations with the company.

The entire encounter was available to view in Spanish, but his account seems to have been banned. Clicking on a link takes you to a message saying that the video is no longer available. Gizmodo has reached out to the company that owns the video sharing website.

The Spanish Online Public Rails Against Escalona’s Behavior

In just a few days, the behavior of Escalona gained steam in Spain and went viral, sparking coverage in many of the country's media outlets and becoming a topic on Spanish social networking sites. He was condemned for laughing at blue collar workers and for suggesting restaurants put him on a blacklist to keep him away.

A Tapa do Barril said that it had received dozens of negative reviews from people who had never tasted its food and that it had not agreed to any promotional deal with the city. The bar said it had received a lot of insulting calls recently. Rebeca was defended by the bar's owner and praised for her politeness.

The owner said that Rebeca didn't invite the boy to a free meal. People who work in the service sector are not targets for jokes. He never explained anything to Rebeca.

According to La Voz de Galicia, a Tapa do Barril is going to report the crime to the police.

Gizmodo wanted to know if the company had taken any action on the dozens of bad reviews that flooded A Tapa do Barril's page after the incident.

Many of the one-star reviews remain on the bar's Google page, but its rating stands at 4.9 stars and appears to have been boosted by many five star reviews from the public.

Escalona Asks for Forgiveness

On Monday, he apologized to the people from A Tapa do Barril, as well as to Spain in general, in a livestream in which he appeared to be crying. He said that he felt unsafe leaving his house because he had been bullied and hated. He and his wife were kicked out of a restaurant in Madrid for being undesirable.

"I've seen all sorts of threats and comments." The entire country is being torn down by me. I don't think I deserve everything I'm going through, but I hope this apology works for you all to make up for the damage I've done.

If I can only play the smallest violin, please forgive me. A long list of people with large followings, or who think they have large followings, use their online fame to grab at freebies, causing havoc for businesses. Barbara Jones, founder and CEO of Outshine Talent, said in an email that the situation elicited a " huge eye roll" from her. She said that there are some people who can ruin it for other people.

Jones said that the only way the economy can work is if it is done in a professional way.

If deliverables are mutually agreed to in advance and it is in writing, an arrangement for barter services is acceptable. Escalona assumed that they should be lucky to have had the free promotion. Jones made a statement. There is an unlimited pool of creators for these brands to work with, and so if you think you are important, you probably need to rethink your life choices.