There was a confrontation between a traveller and an employee of the airline.

A Spirit Airlines employee was suspended Friday after being caught in a video trading blows with a woman at an airport.

The airline agent and a woman are yelling at each other.

The agent told the woman not to touch him in her life.

You got in my face after touching me. I don't want my personal space to be invaded. The woman said to get out of her face.

The agent told the woman to stay out of his personal space as she yelled at him.

The woman slaps the worker around the head as she continues to argue.

It's everybody! I need to back up from you. As he stalks after her again, the agent warns that she got the wrong person to fight with.

The worker punched her in the back of the head after chasing her.

No one was arrested as both parties were released after being interviewed.

The female passenger became upset during the boarding process at the airport.

A woman got off a plane because there wasn't a seat for her, according to an employee of the airline. The woman cut in front of others while he asked her to get in line.

Police said the supervisor tried to get her boarding pass.

The airline confirmed that it was aware of the fight.

The vendor has suspended the agent.

"Spirit Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind and we are working with local law enforcement to investigate this matter."

— DTX Daily (@dtxdaily) August 11, 2022