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Forget the person who saved him. Don't forget Maeve's death. Bernard had a nine million step plan. Don't forget humanity, forget the Hosts, forget everything. It doesn't matter anymore. The old world has been swept away by Westworld more thoroughly and efficiently than the Man in Black could have imagined. By the time the credits roll, almost the entire cast has been killed, including Maeve and Bernard, who are still alive.

The title of the film is bleak. It may be a little perverse. There is a chance that Westworld could have given someone a happy ending other than Franky and her girlfriend going away. It would have been nice for the hero to have died and for the father to have more time with his child. Everyone had to watch Westworld to understand its point.

It is almost comical that the episode started with just ceaseless killing. The Man in Black says he has made a final game for everyone to play, and I think we should stop William at this point. He doesn't want anyone to go away. He wants to destroy the real world and the fake one at the same time.

She discovered that Bernard was listening to a message for her after Hale came back. He wasn't lying when he said there was a chance that a small portion of the world could be saved. Hale has to decide if she wants to take the Pearl core, which contains the data of all the people in the city, or if she wants to give it to the people. A life in a data drive is still a life.

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It doesn't matter what Hale-Dolores decides to do. Maybe it is to stop the man in black. Maybe she was responsible for the destruction of the world. Maybe Bernard got to her, or maybe she just wanted something better than nothing. So she and the Man in Black race to Hoover Dam where Bernard opened the Sublime, Hale finds the gun carefully planted there by Bernard and finally kills the Man in Black and crush his Pearl, then uploads all her data into the Sublime. Then Hale takes his own life.

There is no longer a physical world. Humans and Hosts are no longer alive. Christina made it clear: "Hosts and humans were given the gift of intelligent life and we used it to bring about our own destruction." A few may survive death for a few months, maybe even a few years, but eventually they will be gone. We know that life is over.

We know it but not as Christina. Life on the planet has ended. Some parts of it may still be there. It's my world. There is one more game to be played. survival or extinction are the highest stakes of the game. The game ends in a world similar to a maze. It is a test of who we are. That tells us what we are going to be. There is one last loop. We might set ourselves free this time.

The Man in Black was defeated by the creator of stories. She makes a new world for the Hosts inside it and even the data of the humans she internalizes. There's a show called Westworld.

I had to check to see if Westworld would have another season. Ed Harris has made comments suggesting that the show isn't over, so I was surprised that the show hasn't been renewed yet. I want the show to be over because it ends everything that the show has been doing.

The perfect ending is beings that have evolved beyond bodies. It's one more chance to see if they can overcome their flaws. I don't need to know how that goes. I want to wonder. They might set themselves free.

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Assorted Musings:

  • Another reason this would be a great series finale: There are only two main characters who are currently alive, and then only technically: Dolores, now presumably the god of Westworld, and Teddy, who is somewhere in the Sublime.
  • I can’t believe that Man in Black called that kid a camper. He was totally a camper, but I prefer William not know 21st-century gamer lingo.
  • Supposedly Hale’s city was New York, and the Hoover Dam is in Nevada. I’m very curious how Hale took a future-copter and the Man in Black took a truck and horse and still beat her there.

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