The current investigation of White House documents seized by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago is the smallest distance between Donald Trump and an orange jumpsuit.

The case against Trump appears to be easy to prove. If the documents contain information about national security and nuclear weapons, I don't know what the defense is.

There has been no explanation as to why Trump hid boxes of documents from the White House that should have been held by the National Archives.

Some of the top secret material was among the 20 boxes of items collected by the FBI.

The former president is being investigated for possible violations of the Espionage Act and obstruction of an investigation.

According to Trump, he would have returned the boxes if asked because he takes work home like everyone else, and he had already declassified everything. The White House documents are part of the National Archives.

The FBI planted things at his Florida estate.

The husband of a former Trump White House adviser thinks that Trump may be able to see the danger he is in.

Why didn't Trump explain why he had the documents in the first place?

There are no valid reasons. He is anarcissist who believes everything is his.

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