DJ Moore

The NFL has a lot of bad publicity every year. It is almost impossible to expect everyone to walk straight and narrow with so many players on each team.

Fans get into fights at football games. It is a common occurrence that it barely remembers. There are at least one video of fans scrapping at the stadiums. D.J. Moore is tired of seeing.

Two guys got into each other's faces and looked like they were going to fight. Until Moore came to the rescue. Moore jumped into the crowd and talked the men down.

It was nice of Moore to step in to settle the dispute before the blows were thrown. The incident did not escalate to another level.

Fans aren't right on top of teams in NBA arenas because of the way football fields are constructed. It is not as easy for fans to run onto the field at a football game as it is for fans in the first couple of rows at a basketball game.

The commissioner doesn't want to deal with a situation like that. He has dealt with a lot of bad PR related to the DeShaunWatson case. When he first heard of Moore going into the stands, he was very surprised. I'm pretty sure the Commissioner doesn't want players going into the stands to break up fights. Security is for that.

Many of the fans who have had too much to drink at the event have had too much to eat. It shouldn't be on players to get involved. Fans and players are at risk in this situation. It would be bad if someone threw a drink or the two men started fighting.

It happens when fans fight at sporting events. We don't need players to get involved in fights between fans, even if it's to calm everyone down Stadium staff should be allowed to deal with that and keep players on the field. There will be a lawsuit filed before the athletes leave the building.

It isn't worth it that Moore's heart was in the right place. The athlete is in no man's land when they step into the crowd. It is too large of a risk.