Success doesn't happen in a day or two. The CEO said that young people have to play the long game if they want to succeed.

Young people feel a lot of pressure to succeed early in their careers according to Matt Weiss. Reading stories about self-made millionaires in their 20s can make young people think they should have short-term deadlines to succeed.

Young people should work towards long-term career goals instead of emulating those quick and flashy success stories.

You will be able to build resilience and accumulate a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience in pursuit of those long-term goals. Weiss says that is the best way to set yourself up for long term success.

There isn't any way to build a career or business that is successful in the long term. Weiss says that it can't be forced. If young people want to reach that kind of success, they need to think more long term.

Weiss drew on the success of his own company, which now sells products on Amazon and in more than 6,000 retail stores nationwide. Whole Foods, Target, and other stores will soon be part of the company's expansion.

The success that followed was the result of years of planning and hard work. He thought up something in a matter of months or a year.

His success was due to all of it.

Weiss says that the knowledge and lessons he learned up to that point allowed them to achieve success. It was similar to my pre-production work.

He says it is possible for anyone to copy his version of playing the long game. There are two things you can do to start.

Weiss says to ask older, influential people in your life what it took for them to achieve their own version of success.

From a parent who fulfilled their dream of becoming a doctor to a coworker who stepped into a senior-level leadership role at your company, there are a lot of people who fit the bill.

Weiss thinks it takes years of planning and hard work to get to this point. When thinking about your career, remember their stories. It could help you set goals for yourself.

He says that the success of those people in your life can last a long time.

It's a good idea to take a break from social media as a whole, because it can serve up a lot of flashy, viral success stories. Weiss suggests that you just think about your long-term goals for a few hours.

It is easier to think critically without the influence of social media.

Young people are constantly bombarded by posts on social media. Weiss says that removing yourself from thatStimulus can help in thinking more critically and understanding the bigger picture of where they want to go.

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