Google Pixel Watch being showcased on stage

(Image credit: Google)
  • An APK teardown suggests a rather unremarkable battery life for the Google Pixel Watch.
  • This indication was spotted in the latest version of the Fitbit app.
  • It appears the Pixel Watch's battery life won't last more than 24 hours.

We should have a good idea of what the watch will look like by this year's I/O event, but we don't know much about the battery life. There is a new piece of evidence suggesting the wristwatch won't last long.

The latest version of the Fitbit app contains information about support for Wear OS. It makes sense that the Pixel Watch will have a full suite of features found on the best Fitbit devices.

The potential battery life of the watch doesn't seem to be impressive. When enabled, there's text for a reminder that will remind owners of the Pixel Watch to juice it up before they go to sleep if it's running low on battery. To track a full night's sleep, a 30% charge is required.

It is important to note that a feature may not make it to a final release. The new indication backs up previous rumors that the battery of the Pixel Watch will only last for a single charge.


The in-app description of the Wearable is in line with previous rumors. If a full night's sleep equates to eight hours, then a 30% charge seems appropriate. This equates to roughly 24 hours of battery life.

If it is to compete with the best smartwatches on the market, it would be wise for the company to improve on the battery life.