More charging access for EV drivers can be provided by pole-mounted electric-vehicle charging stations.

National Grid and the city of Melrose collaborated to install EV charging stations in 10 places.

National Grid says that the Melrose charging station is the first of its kind in the region and intended to expand EV adoption and lower installation costs.

EV drivers who don't have a private garage or parking lot can benefit from the installation of the electric utility poles. If they're put on utility poles instead of in the ground, installation doesn't need to be done.

"As we mark Earth Day, we know the importance of transitioning to a clean energy future," Tara Kapila, vice president of growth and marketing for National Grid, said in an April press release. We are doing our part in providing equitable access to this growing technology by installing EV charging stations on our utility poles.

One of the reasons many drivers are hesitant to switch to EVs is because of "range anxiety," or when drivers worry about whether they'll be able to charge their cars when they're out on the road.

The study found that one in five people who bought an EV switched back to gas-powered cars because of the hassle of charging. Around 70% of those drivers don't have access to the Level 2 type of charging they need at home or at their workplace, according to a study.

In addition to being overlooked as places that need charging stations, rural areas and apartment buildings are also overlooked.

President Joe Biden's $1 trillion infrastructure bill looked to address the lack of EV charging infrastructure in the US, giving $7.5 billion in grants for a national network of charging stations. It's not enough to pay for half a million stations.

There are close to 50,000 charging stations in the US. The publication said that the number of charging stations is less than the number of gas stations.

Melrose Mayor Paul Brodeur said in the National Grid press release that installing the chargers is an important step in promoting EV adoption in the community.