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Travelers are using technology to find their luggage if it goes missing.

A passenger on American Airlines used his iPad and Apple's Find My app to locate his lost suitcase. Nathan, who chose to only use his first name, told Insider that he spent days without his clothes and personal items after the airline told him it would be put on his connecting flight.

He was supposed to fly from Utah to Dallas-Fort Worth airport in Texas before heading to Indiana. He missed the first flight because he had to wait four days to get to Indiana.

Nathan wasn't able to get his baggage because it would be on the connecting flight. He had to pay for a hotel, meals, clothes, and transportation.

The summer of travel chaos has caused many airlines to lose luggage and delay flights.

Nathan didn't have his clothes on for the charity golf tournament he was going to Indiana for.

He didn't have a toothbrush or golf shoes with him.

Four days later, the passenger used the Find My app to locate his baggage and then walked the American Airlines representative to where his bag was being kept.

He said that the only way they could find his bag was because he had his iPad in his checked bag.

He traveled through the airport and security to collect his luggage. He said he would take it if his bag matches his ID. I had to go back to the right terminal and check in my bag after I got there.

American Airlines didn't reply to the request for comment.

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