The family was told they couldn't board the flight because their daughter had special needs.

Email exchanges and flight tickets were verified by an Insider. Due to privacy concerns, the father did not want his name to be used.

A two-hour delay on their first leg caused the family to miss their connecting flight from Florida to Virginia.

They told staff they needed to be next to their daughter because she had special needs, after being allocated new seats that weren't grouped together.

The family said they didn't want to sit at the back of the plane because it was louder and could cause a seizure in their daughter. They paid for seats in the back of the plane.

The family was told by the gate agent that they wouldn't be allowed to board.

The family was asked to leave the airport after the father yelled at the manager who kept talking over everyone.

He told Insider that they did not believe that his daughter has special needs.

The father said that his daughter had suffered a number of injuries before he and his wife were able to adopt her. He said that his daughter's seizures can be fatal and that she has had her last rights read to her many times.

The family had to spend more than $1,000 on flights, hotels, and rides to get toRichmond. They have not been paid.

The person contacted American Airlines.