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Children should carry a cell phone when traveling alone on a flight, especially for the first time
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According to the most recent estimate by the Department of Transportation, about seven million children travel each year with an airline. There are a number of issues relating to the care of children who are separated from their parents.

American Airlines initially wouldn't allow a mother to collect her 10-year-old child from the airport because of an issue with its system.

The airline canceled a 10-year-old's flight but didn't tell her parents, while American lost a child traveling alone.

Insider has put together some tips for parents and caregivers of children who are flying alone. Travelers Care was established by a former flight attendant to help vulnerable passengers get to their destinations safely.

Read the terms and conditions 

Before booking a child's flight, it's a good idea to read the terms and conditions. On an airline's website, they posted. Parents can decide if they want their child to fly alone.

It's important that your child is mature enough.

Children as young as five years old are allowed to travel by themselves. Make sure that your child is mature enough to handle and adjust to unforeseen events.

Problems can arise when changes to an itinerary include delays or cancelations. Information can be lost if you get a connecting flight. A lot of children can't adapt to change.

Give them a cell phone

Gate agents for flight attendants are very good at avoiding errors. Ensuring the child's safety is their top priority, but they are busy with other duties.

If something doesn't feel right, your child should be able to call. It can be used to communicate when they land and in case of an emergency.

If these situations happen, they need to be mature enough or have the ability to act.

Make sure your child is ready for the flight.

Tell your kids what to expect. If something doesn't feel right, show them videos of what it will be like and tell them to talk to a flight attendant.

They should be given snacks and an iPad.

Some children don't eat as much when they're on an airplane so make sure they have snacks with them and an iPad.

Flight tracking applications can be used.

Flight tracking websites can be used.

You can get step by step updates of a flight. It gives you peace of mind to know where the plane is.

You shouldn't leave the gate too quickly.

It's important to be at the airport at least 30 minutes before the scheduled arrival time so that the child doesn't sit there if the flight lands early.

The child needs to have the correct contact information on their lanyard.

There is a travel companion service available.

Some people don't trust airlines' minor programmes as airlines lose kids all the time. An extra layer of protection and safety can be offered by companies such as Travelers Care.

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