The duck could be called a king. He roams the back yard of his farm home to make sure the other animals are ok.

The other ducks are also following along.

When he was added to the family, his owner wasn't sure what to do. A 165 pound ball of fluff is from Nebraska.

They became an odd pair.

The two became close during the Pandemic. It is a once in a lifetime friendship that happens naturally.

The two people were playing fetch in their own way while walking side by side. It's possible that opposites attract. There are videos of the friendship on social media. She wanted other kids to enjoy this friendship.

She collaborated with a team to create a children's book.

They bring joy to people because my kids are getting to see these friends.

The illustrations of the Broken Arrow dog and duck will bring smiles to kids faces for generations to come.

There will be more books about the animals on this farm. They can be followed on Facebook.