Newsmax host Eric Bolling couldn't pin the Afghanistan withdrawal entirely on President Joe Biden despite the fact that former U.S. National Security Adviser JohnBolton is as Republican as they come.

During a segment Thursday night,Bolton got riled up when he was asked about his quote from 2020. The U.S. is in a weakened position around the world because of Trump's foreign policy, according to the outlet.

When President Trump was willing to put a missile into Syrian air bases with Russians on the base, how did he think the world was safer today? Sir, what is happening here?

He was mistaken if he thought that the man was going to run with the bone.

Trump didn't know a lot about international affairs. He didn't base his decisions on a coherent policy or philosophy.

We were not as safe as we could have been.

The two were talking over each other and trying to remind each other that Trump made a deal with the Taliban.

Do you think that made us safer? "Do you want to?"

The Taliban were kept on their back heels by Bolling. The Afghanistan withdrawal was blamed on Biden.

They would have done the same thing under Donald Trump, according to the national security adviser. Who made the decision, Eric?

The Trump administration reached an agreement with the Taliban in February 2020 that led to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by Biden.

The New York Times reported that shortly after signing the agreement, Trump said that the Taliban wanted to do something to show that they are not wasting time. We will return if bad things happen.

The New York Times reported that Biden drew criticism for withdrawing from the race. Biden said in a speech that he was not going to prolong the war and that he was going to leave.

There was more discussion before the man suggested that the person read the deal.

He said you need to leave before you are embarrassed even more.

The full exchange can be watched below.

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